Top 7 WordPress Plugins for Sure-Shot Success

November 8, 2017

Over 3.5 billion people now use the Internet as the traffic now increases manifold each year. People search for engaging content on the internet. Content Management is one way in which content can be managed effectively.

WordPress is arguably the most famous and widely used Content Management System (CMS) its popularity has increased over the years as it is a free and open source CMS. It offers lots of features which are beneficial to content marketers and web developers. But there are some areas where it lags behind and for this we have the plugins which aptly fill this gap.

Website Admins can choose from thousands of plugins from WordPress Plugin Directory with lots of premium products too. It is a real headache for them to choose the best plugins according to their requirements as there are factors like new features, user friendliness and cross-platform functioning which divides their opinion.

Following is a list of top 7 WordPress plugins which can offer most businesses the options to run a website smoothly.

  1. Hummingbird

If you want good traffic on your website, first thing is to make sure your website’s loading speed is lightning fast. A person browsing through websites won’t wait for ages for your website to load. Mere 5-8 seconds is the average time a visitor shows patience. After that virtually all the visitors will leave your website for good. Hummingbird fits the bill nicely as after scanning your website once, it will provide you a complete analysis of your website and offer you recommendations to fix the problematic areas.

Remember that is a premium product so that you can use it only for a 14-day trial period. After that you can easily choose from the various packages it offer.

  1. Fast Secure Contact Form

Looking to get a plugin through which you can create and add forms to your WordPress site easily? Fast Secure Contact Form is one plugin which enables you to not only create a secure form but also option of creating multiple forms and redirecting visitors to any other website once the message is sent. The best features of this plugin is the customization options as you can many extra fields including multiple checkboxes, select-multiple, hidden text, etc.

  1. iThemes Security

In the wake of several Ransomware attacks like “Wanna Cry” it is best to make your website secure. iThemes Security is one plugin through which you can fix any loopholes in your WordPress site. This plugin makes sure to fill the gaps that you even not aware of. Because of vulnerabilities as a result of installing some other plugins you definitely need this one to offer you security from all types of automated and manual cyber attacks.

  1. Snapshot

Backing up your website is always a good solution in case your site go down or get hacked. There are instances that even your backup can be lost or compromised. Snapshot is a smart plugin that only backs up the data but saves it at multiple locations such as Dropbox, Google Drive and your own computer to name a few. You can schedule backups so that you don’t have to remember this task every time and again.

Keep in mind that this is a premium plugin and you can tryout Snapshot Pro for 14 days without any cost.

  1. Ultimate Branding

What if you don’t want that WordPress logo on your product’s home page? And want to completely revamp your website but also want to use WordPress as your default CMS? The answer is in the form of Ultimate branding which gives you the power of replacing the WordPress logo for your own logo design company. You can also customize the admin bar and add your company name. Basically you can completely rebrand your WordPress site for a completely new look.

  1. Appointments +

Scheduling appointments can be a headache for people who are running multiple businesses or are involved in multiple projects simultaneously. An easy and efficient way to make sure you get everything done smoothly is to use Appointments + which can handle everything for you digitally. An exciting feature of Appointments + is that you can choose to have your customers book an appointment for free, pay a deposit or pay in full.

While Appointments + is a premium plugin, there is a free version of it available on

  1. WP Smush Pro

For a web design company, uploading images that they need to create a website for their customers can be tricky. For any other businesses too, managing images can be a tall task. This is where WP Smush Pro is the best WordPress plugin yet. It is an outclass image compression and optimization plugin. Rescue your business by these basic but effective WordPress plugins.

Final Word

These are top 7 WordPress plugins that can assist startups and small businesses in a big way. Feel free to comment below and ask for further clarification.

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