Few Important Things You Must Take Into account while writing an assignment

July 18, 2016

How disgusting it feels when you excitingly wait for your assignment marks in the hope that you’re going to score higher marks, but soon your excitement is banished when the declared marks are totally opposite of what you couldn’t even imagine. I can understand that this feeling gives rise to hopelessness and anxiety. When you see the marks, you wonder “How could it be possible when I wrote all what my teacher was expecting, and what he demanded” you discuss with your friends, tutor, and finally with the teacher. Dear friends are you really sure you fulfill all the requirements of your assignment? What left missing in your assignment? Don’t you give textual references? You couldn’t do justice with the critical analysis, or you didn’t structure it well?  I am asking these questions as I also have been through this problem in my academic phase.

Writing assignment becomes challenging when you’re asked to write the critical analysis of anything like story, character, or question. In my academic time, I also used to commit mistakes in my assignment, but as it is said “Man learns from mistakes and experience’ what I learned with my mistakes and my teachers, I am going to share that all in this blog so, my dear readers can enlighten with this knowledge, and I am certain this guidance will work for them as best assignment writing services. Look, the structure of assignment is categorized into following parts;

–    Introduction
–    Main body – analysis
–    Being critical – findings & interpretation
–    Conclusions and recommendations


Beginning of assignment ought to be very attractive and catchy as it introduces the subject and theme of your assignment. First of all, set the scene for the reader, a complete environment so they could know what the topic is about, then identify your focus what is your aim to discuss the assignment. Mention the little background of what your basic issue you’re going to shed light upon. Then state your objective what flank you’re going to put forward.

Main body – Analysis:

Then come towards the main body, tell the environment of scene, tone of speaker, on whatever topic you are writing an assignment whether it’s play or scene, even a character, then talk about the basic highlights of scene, central theme or qualities, tell in few adjectives coming in your mind, then talk about each bit by bit in the light of textual evidence and your critical views.

Being Critical – Findings & interpretations:

It is often seen that teachers emphasize on critical views and analysis, or the most common reason of their strict marking is “your critical analysis is erroneous’ what critical analysis means? Critical analysis is not only about mentioning literary devices used in the question but, being critical means you should be open-minded and intellectually cynical about ideas and claims. Tell your views; are you satisfied with raised question or theme introduced in a topic? Being critical means you have to present questions, assumptions and arguments. The fulcrum in your assignment can be on reasons / arguments, or any underlying idea.

Conclusions & Recommendations:

Summarize the significant key elements and provide a concluding commentary or suggestion if your subject of the assignment is based on any question. It must be remembered that your conclusion should reflect the complete central idea of your assignment and arguments.

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