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July 18, 2016

Knowledge is power, what a great saying! Well, it has its own enthusiasm which can’t be felt until and unless an individual doesn’t experience it. I began my blog with this saying as the motive behind writing today’s blog is commemorate the power of knowledge, and to draw the reader’s attention towards the fact that if you’re well knowledgeable, you can write anything, on any topic with great fluency, and it’ll make you sound confident about your statement as you’re asserting on the basis of strong facts, wide knowledge, your own views, and deep understanding on the topic. Let’s take an example of a student sitting in an examination hall solving his/her English language or General knowledge paper.

A student will be able to write an essay on any topic if he’s got enough knowledge on that, for instance, he got to write an argumentative essay on “Smoking should be ban or not?” now what knowledge he should have here in this topic is medical view, facts about smoking, it effects on atmosphere, how it is seen in society, and how does it affect the smoker’s personality. By the end, wrap up the entire argument that covers all aspects in a precise way, the tone of an essay should be didactic and persuasive to convince the reader about the pitfalls of smoking or smoking in the positive light, whatever is their view depends on their perspective.

The essay writing is a best writing exercise that has multiple advantages besides developing our writing skills, the other strong points are, it enhances one’s knowledge, an absolute understanding, and students get able to see their topic in the light of different aspects, critical views, and rational facts. The students who always count on academic services and buy an essay for writing their essay, though they’re in benefit, but it won’t enhance their knowledge as it can by searching on any topic on their own. If a student is solving his/her general knowledge exam, it’s obvious he’ll do well in exam only if he has good knowledge on each section asked such as Geography, English, politics, or science questions.

Since we’re talking about knowledge here, it reminds me of a great story in a Hollywood movie, I can’t recall its name where there was a man who was going somewhere in the cruise but, he got hijacked and lost in the Ireland where he spent half of his life. During this time, on the basis of his knowledge, he managed to fulfill his natural requirements and all that things that are mandatory for living being to survive. He collected the woods and make a small hut where he could rest, with the help of rocks and other things he burned fire to cook food for him – fishes and made a boat for him to collect fishes from the sea.

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