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July 19, 2016

While searching about a case study report, one blog caught my eye, which I found really influential in the sense that the way in which writer expressed her views towards case study were quite appealing.  According to her, writing a case study report was akin to solving any FBI investigating cases. I agree with her.  Do you know while reading about the case study, I also feel like as If I am solving any murder case so I have to collect more information about the culprit as much as I can. Actually, if we notice, the case study is almost like it, the only difference is it asks us to apply any theory to the real-world example and we have to tell a story from beginning to end, it has to be interesting just like a novel.

What strike in my mind  while writing this blog that, don’t you think lawyers  daily encounter with case study as they also apply few law theories  over case they are assigned to handle against the opposing party? In the law field, case study reports are produced comprising a complete story  telling what actually happened and how the tragedy took place from beginning to end, it covers all aspects and circumstances along with the evidence  proves, eye witnesses, and  relevant clues from an alibi. The students who are practicing law now or if they’re about to get done with their degree, they must read the Sidney Sheldon books as they’re based on a thriller, suspense. His genre of writing novels is based on crime fiction and thriller.

By reading his books, you’ll get an idea how he creates a flow in the plot of his stories that engrossed readers and they desperately wait for the end to learn the actual truth. The conclusion of case study reports is my favorite as it stupefied the readers; sometimes the conclusion can be very killing. Writing a case study report needs a lot of time, and the writer has to be physically and mentally prepared, strong to face each challenge they might go through during the task. They can be written in two forms; a report and essay form.

A case study in report form has to be the stereotype of formal pattern with headings and accurate information, whereas the case study in essay form comprises of introduction, main body, analysis, evaluation, and conclusion. In short. Case study report is not less than solving a challenging puzzle.

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