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July 18, 2016

“My story will be another essay assignment someday” 

Essay assignment writing seems to be easy task but in reality, it is the most difficult task for many students to organize their thoughts and ideas in a paper on a particular topic. Students usually face many difficulties while they start writing on their assignments in the process of fulfilling their academic responsibilities because many students may have busy schedules such as part time job or look after their old parents and other problems of life. Therefore, in this situation it is very difficult for them to concentrate on their studies. Remember that for successful essay writing it requires specific skills, which you can easily build up by writing, reading and by making and correcting mistakes. It requires a sum of general guidelines and rules in which you just have to master in it and then you can utilize them in every essay you write. All essays, assignments, or presentations have three basic areas introduction, main body and conclusion. If students are aware of these areas initially then it will help them to organize and giving structure for comprehensive answer. Following are some simple methods of planning of essay assignment from beginning to end: 


Before start working on essay assignment, students have to select suitable topic and title for their essay related to course requirements and making outline after reviewing major concepts of essay topic from different academic sources. 


In the second part, students need to assemble and evaluate related information and always make sure to search for only authentic academic sources including journal articles, books, reports and academic websites. 

Key points for your essay:

Assemble all the key points you have gathered from your research and creating essay plan from these points. 

Start your first draft:

Now, essay assignment is in the process of work, if it does not turned out to be expected result, do not worry about it as first draft can be modified and improved on the basis of feedback and review. 

Edit your essay:

Always keep modifying and re-writing essay until students are completely satisfied with their research paper. Furthermore, students have to proofread their essay as well as identifying and correcting their mistakes in final checking before submitting essay assignment to their supervisors.

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