Practice Make students Perfect

July 18, 2016

The problems which pupil usually face while writing their academic works are a mix-up, uncertainty, or blunder in content & grammars. For a reason not to have these problems in your paper writing services, it’s important to have its side work … I think the word ‘’rough work or draft points” would be the better expression to clear my readers. Don’t assume that this suggestion is only given to weak students, even genius students do that, in fact, all professionals in whatever field they always first make their side work to bring out the exact idea in their mind, which they plan in rough work how to give it a proper form. Likewise, let’s take designer tailors who first draw the rough sketch of the desired costume, once they get a complete idea, then they proceed on their work.

You might have heard “Practice makes man perfect”. In the academic field, practice is also required for everything, whether it’s a Statistics problem, or practical. But when it comes to any paper writing such as assignments, quiz, course work, and exam learning, these things need to have any side work or rough map that can help students in remembering things.

This rough drafts or pre-writing can be further categorized in three forms such as; pre-writing/automatic writing, outlining, and drawing maps, let’s have a brief discussion on each.

Automatic-Writing is useful to:

Pen down what’s popping up in your mind. It is not concerned with syntax taboo, but it is the free verse allowing you to bring logic in your content. Let’s take your assignment when you are assigned to write on any topic and subject, you read and read about that topic, so whatever you understood about the topic noting down that points’ coming in your mind including your personal analysis, confusion, and any question etc. is called free writing/pre-writing, or automatic writing.

You can use drawing maps to:

To remember any cycle, structure of your answer, or to remember adjectives of any character sketch. Draw your answer structure like introduction – the main function – features- use – example etc., and same with charts of any cyclical process.

With Draft Points you can:

Organize your answer whether for you an assignment or any expected question you might be asked in an exam, you outline the significant points to write throughout the essay including your personal one – which you wrote in your free writing— and from any other source, you get any relevant point. Outline tells you the introductory point, main analysis, and conclusion.

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