What’s the difference between your strength & Skill in the C.V writing?

July 18, 2016

In the current era,  getting a  relevant,  desired job,  according to one’s interest and the degree has become a very challenging, and somehow an impossible task that demands a lot of struggle. Hardly few people would get their desired job. It’s not that we do not write C.V as it is the ticket to enter our desired company or industry, nor it’s the fact that we don’t mention our interest and skills in C.V as we’re not that illiterate, or we are  not enlightened with the concept and function of C.V writing, but yes,we can say that we fail to write what we exactly want to express. Do we fail to impress employee by our C.V? How? By inappropriate use of English, lack of vocabulary, and immature way to write the correct form of expressions, and lacking attractive templates.

The professional C.V writing service has made a big contribution as it makes it possible for us to get our desired jobs. They make it possible by highlighting our particular skills and interests in such a way that  our C.V is added into the interview pile and they do not throw it in a bin. The professional C.V writers call a candidate, interview them, and note  down their qualification, achievements, experience, strength, interests, and skills.  Once they complete their inquiry, then they make a perfect C.V and write our skills in a proper way with suitable template and style of vocabulary. There’s a vast difference between their method of writing C.V and our method. We do not pay much heed to the cover letter and ignore it while professionals follow a complete pattern ad rule of C.V and resumes.

Another thing has just struck in my mind while writing this post is that, have you noticed while writing a C.V we often get confused when it comes to writing skills, strengths, and interest. Though, there’s  a very obvious difference between all, yet I have seen that many people couldn’t distinguish between them. In fact, I also used to  get confused what to write in my skills and what to write in strengths. It’s just  akin to the confusion between habit and hobby. Well, let me explain  what is a thin line between both.

Look, anytime when you write your C.V and become perplexed in deciding what is your strength and skill then ask yourself what is your strength? What is that quality you’re admired and appreciated for? What is the thing you can do nicely, anything in which you’ve got master demand? Let’s take three sentences, focus on them and tell me where you find skill, strength, and interest;

–  “People know me for my honesty, and sincerity” – This is a strength

–  “I can draw well, I can write creative blogs” – This is a skill

–  “Looking for writing company that offers media writing services, and marketing blogs” – This is my interest.

This is the absolute difference between skill, strength, and interests. Something that highlights your personality is your strength, anything in which you’re sure you can do better such as writing or drawing is your skill, and any work or company you’re interested in is your interest.

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