5 Things You Should Know Before Trading Gold or Silver

March 9, 2017

Investing in gold or silver is a great way to diversify your portfolio and reduce the risks and volatility of the market. During uncertain times, the value of gold or silver remains the same over a longer time period, hence working as an insurance plan for your financial future. But with the unpredictable stock market, it pays to know certain things before trading gold or silver.

Trading refers to the buying or selling of the two metals. Here are 5 things you should keep in mind before you begin trading.

1. The Reason You Want to Trade

Trading in the market of precious metals can be a lucrative investment, but it is crucial to understand the reason or reasons you want to start trading silver or gold. The most common reasons why people buy silver or gold are to diversify their portfolio, sell it for higher profits or protect themselves from the sudden and abrupt changes in the economy.

Another factor that should be determined is whether you are buying gold or silver to exchange them for silver or gold according to the gold to silver ratio. Additionally, some investors purchase these two metals for making industrial investments in electronics or jewellery.

2. How is their Price Deduced?

Before buying gold or silver, you need to understand the two metals and know the factors that determine their price such as rarity, economy, and usage. For example, gold is used rarely, but it has more demand. On the other hand, silver has many applications in the medical industry, water purification, electrical appliances, wood preservatives, and food hygiene, but its demand is less than gold.

3. Comprehend the Market

Commodities like stocks, bonds, indices, etc. are affected by external events and similarly, the price of precious metals is also affected in the same way. Remember that silver and gold are physical commodities and as such, they are physical forms of currency. The prices of both fluctuate throughout the day, until the stock market closes.

These prices are known as ‘spot prices’. Furthermore, you need to do your homework thoroughly and setup your financial success. For instance, you can check the prices of the two metals the night before to observe how the metals are doing.

4. The Method of Buying and Selling

There are many different ways of trading gold and silver; most investors purchase gold or silver bullion through banks or bullion dealers. They use the same platforms for selling them as well. However, nowadays you can also buy and sell gold or silver online.

5. Check Economic Reports

Economic reports and financial events can move the market in undesired ways. Therefore, before you begin trading gold or silver, you should make an effort to get to know any economic events or reports. Many of such reports are published on the internet on various websites like FuturesMag. Such events have the ability to affect retail or industrial demand across the globe.

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