Few facts from the history of poker

Poker is an old game, and each of them played in different forms in Norway since the late 1800s. The most associated poker with an “old” card with 5 cards (called 5-card draw), and gladly heard about my grandparents and watched old cowboy movies. Therefore, they combine with pure gambling, lawlessness, alcohol, cigar smoke and dark gloomy rooms / bars.
For those who still believe in this, we have very sad news. The game developed at least as much as technology, electronics and communications for the past 100 years.

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Poker today is not only one game, but also a lot of different games, where some of them technically have little in common with each other. Nevertheless, in all games there are more opportunities that are the same and make them known as poker games, which makes them so demanding that they have not yet managed to make a computer or program capable of defeating one professional player over time. It’s almost impossible for a computer and can defeat a group of professional poker players at the table.

There are many people in the world, and some in Norway who are professional poker players who have played this game for a long time. This fact in itself shows that the game is, in fact, a game in which you use your own skills, and not a chance / luck to win. To be able to master / win in poker over time, there are many qualities that you need / need to master. All these different attributes can also be associated with the benefits associated with lifelong achievements for the majority, but not least, related to success at the workplace.

Basic skills in poker

  1. Mathematics. In most games, you depend, at least on a simple understanding of mathematics and calculating probability. Nevertheless, all the players that are widely used today, this knowledge is very important and play a big role in the game. This applies to both percentages for the analysis of what can be obtained on the following cards. Calculation of coefficients for risk analysis versus potential gains.
  2. Analytical abilities. Analyzing and collecting all the information, starting from the past times about the players, the style of the game, the mood, the time, the effort, the card and everything else together with the information received from the players, you can analyze all the information together and make the right choice on time.
  3. Memory / Memory The ability to recognize individuals and be able to associate them with games / behavior from earlier versions in different situations on the table, as well as from previous tournaments, if this is the person who was previously met. You need to be able to recognize characters, trends, routines, weaknesses and, not least, strengths.
  4. Self-monitoring. The ability to tolerate patience and wait for the right card / situation is one of the most important functions in which many people need to learn a lot. Inside there is also a pure bluff that is most overrated in poker games, but it is also one of the most important functions that an experienced player should have to win. Self-control must learn and practice, especially the ability and not leave things that you can no longer do, affecting you or your decisions.
  5. Social tax. When you sit at a poker table, you usually meet many unknown people from all walks of life, background and all different types of personality. When you play, you need to learn and get along with everyone and play on your strengths and weaknesses, and at the same time “step on them,” so you’ll connect with many new people who will never again connect with each other.

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