Students are Dropping out from Higher Studies

August 5, 2016

Change in the Scope of Education

Initially, the students were observed to be attracted towards acquiring education to achieve success in the society thereby gaining better jobs after academics. It was believed that major outcomes could be achieved with such passionate attention of the students in studies and related programs. However, not every student was observed to be happy with the choice of education that ultimately resulted in their dropping out of the high school. Upon investigation and inquiry, the major drawback noticed was the lack of preparation to deal with the competitive academics along with the elevated expectations to excel in studies of both the teachers and parents significantly adding to the pressure. This intensified stress makes it difficult for the students to cope with the complex requirements of the academics. Hence, they end up dropping out of high school sooner or later.

Common Misconception in Education

The ability to read and write, comprehending the objectives, following the given instructions, obtaining passing grades and understanding the true essence of education is not a piece of cake. Students are supposedly the super natural beings capable of critically analysing the task in hand. However, in reality, this is a significant misconception as all individuals are not similar and lack the skills to learn and appreciate the varied complicated teachings in institutions. Many researches claim that the students are unaware of the basic writing and reading skills that greatly affects their thinking ability, restricting and limiting their progress. Unless the nature of assignment is not understood by the student, it is impossible that he/she will be able to proceed further. This is why majority of students are found to be looking for assignment writing service.

Lack of Quality Education at College

Another phenomenon widely discussed by the educationists is that the institutes do not strive to provide quality education to the students and entirely focus upon the superficial learning strategies. The absence of academic prerequisite complicates the understanding of the students as it is unlikely that they can comprehend the challenging tasks on their own. With such lack of basic skills, the students fail to understand the critical academic lessons even by providing professional assistance. Only few manage to survive till the end with dissertation writing service and the rest fails to continue, dropping out at the mid of the academic term. The peer pressure is also a contributing factor that limits the academic journey of most of the students. Despite of their dreams of becoming professionals, the challenges of academic study is hard to meet. The other factors that results in pushing the student to drop studies are:

  • Lack of commitment to pursue higher education
  • Difficult assignments with many instructions
  • Deficiency of the prerequisite knowledge of the course
  • Absence of the management skills that causes compilation of work
  • Unable to utilise the available resources to find help in course
  • Over expectations from the Professors for high marks
  • Bad behaviour of teachers and refusal to offer assistance
  • Lack of motivation, efforts or willingness to perform better
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