8 Ways to Keep Your Feet Healthy and Running

March 9, 2017

Feet are the only organs that constantly bear weight of whole body. This makes them prone to easy injuries and discomfort. Discomfort in feet may lead to foot, knee or back pain affecting your daily routine. If not treated promptly it may result in chronic suffering. The college of podiatry recently found that almost 9 people out every ten are suffering from some kind of foot problem.

Healthy and active feet are the most important part of our healthy body, as they play big role in body movements and help us to stay active. So, failing to take care of feet means inviting unwanted foot problems and pain.

Here are few awesomely easy tips that take care of foot health and helps to prevent many foot problems in long run:

Keep them clean to avoid any possible infection like fungus.
Wash your feet thoroughly after you walk barefoot on grass or come back after playing in ground. Grass or dirt from ground might have fungi, which may infect feet and lead to athletes feet.
Washing feet few times a day also helps to get rid of foot odor caused by socks and sweating.
After washing your feet do not forget to dry them well. Wet feet also attract bacterial or fungal infection.
Take a clean towel to do the job and dry your feet thoroughly, especially between the toes.

Apply moisturizer

Once you wash the feet and clean them perfectly, apply some moisturizer to keep them smooth. Moisturizer avoids dryness of skin.

Get well fitting shoes

This the most important thing for healthy feet: Shoes that are not fitting well can lead to friction injuries. Tight fitting shoes can cause abnormal pressure on tendons and result in to tendonitis. Especially if you are having pain at the bottom of foot, opt for the shoes that provide cushion to the bottom of feet.
Choosing good shoes that provide arch support, plays important role in preventing plantar fasciitis.

Scrub feet & cut the toenail carefully

Feet are tend to become dry and rough. In such a condition it is better to soak them in warm, clean water. If required add some drops of essential oils or Epsom salt.
Once you have soaked your feet, scrub them well to remove dry skin.
Cut the toenail carefully using a good nail clipper. Keeping them short can avoid accumulation of dirt underneath the extra grown nails. While cutting down the toenails, make sure you go straight across and not down the edge, as cutting them at an angle can cause ingrown toenail.

Exercise every morning

There are multiple exercise you can practice every morning to keep feet healthy.

Calf stretches, toe grip, toe extension and calf raise can help to strengthen your feet. Making these exercise as a routine for every morning can makes big impact on health of feet.
Stretching muscles of feet can help to prevent foot injuries.

Wear clean socks

Socks keep feet warm. Always wear clean and well fitting socks. Wet and dirty socks can lead to growth of fungus & bacteria that might lead to foot infection or itching. Change them daily to keep your foot fresh and avoid bad odor.

Watch your weight

Foot is an organ that directly bears and gets the impact of increased weight on daily basis. Maintaining healthy weight is not only good for healthy heart but for healthy knee and feet too. Whole body weight is balanced on both feet , so more weight equals more stressed feet. Losing some weight is a best way to reduce and prevent many feet pain.

Take extra care if you are diabetic

If you are diabetic then watch for the symptoms of neuropathy like tingling and pins like pain in feet. Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to many health hazards including peripheral neuropathy. And due to high blood sugar level, injuries do not heal easily in diabetics. So treat small injuries immediately to avoid ulcer formations.
Visit your doctor to check your blood sugars and for foot health.

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