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August 5, 2016

A Critical Analysis of Love element between the Couple

Love between two persons is an intense feeling of deep fondness, affection and attraction. This feeling undoubtedly starts with attraction and then and goes on with affection. Throughout history, man has believed that heart is the center of love and different element of love such love chemistry and affection is related with the heart. If the story of Eric is analyzed considering these elements of love, we see that there are so many things to see because the nature of relationship they had involved a good chemistry, emotional and spiritual connection as well as physical attraction without which a relationship between man and woman is incomplete. However, immediate attraction between a man and woman is greatly associated with physical attraction which is nothing more than an infatuation. This essay writing service aims to help people understand the elements of love. As far as Eric story is concerned, in the beginning their relationship was very much like an infatuation for Eric but not for the girl as she had been looking forward to seeing him but he did not come and later on story reveals that he could not come because of illness. The point when they met, their relationship was result of chemistry found between two persons that are characterized with immediate and unreasonable attention to the person and feeling a sense of attachment or a connection with the person.

The good level of reciprocity in love is always required that creates intimacy between two persons.  In the story of Eric, the relationship between two of them was purely reciprocity as they both understand each other very well and showed tenderness in their gesture.  They were caring towards each other even when the girl listened about the accident yet she was happy because he was alive and it was not important for her even if he had lost his memory. Such a care and tender can only be observed in true love. Close proximity in relationship always important but this close proximity can be both physical and emotional. In the story both characters had experienced that nearness and closeness even though they had spent very time together and had not known each other for long. They ultimately decide to meet again because they knew they were and for each other. They had felt the magic of being around of each other and closeness to each other had developed a surprising effect as seen in the relationship.  This proximity was first recognized as physical attraction between both of them which led them towards a positive relationship.  Therefore after their meeting he recovered and started dating each other.

In love “There is a law of attraction”, and this feeling is very much developed due to physical attraction. In the relationship of Eric with the girl, the physical attraction was pertinently existed as it is seen that the girl was at first attracted towards him because of his masculine appearance and physical attractiveness and later on they had hugged and kissed each other which showed their physical intimacy. A thesis writing service provider is able to be precisely offer you a service that excels in the quality. Moreover, there was sense of sharing and understanding with good communication. They share a good level of treatment and were respectful to each other as they never had any fight or conflict over any matter. This great understanding between the couple indicates in depth similarity which returns as love.

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