PTE Exam Skills Reading and writing

January 18, 2018

Number of undertakings: 2 to 3

Skills evaluated: Reading and writing

Depiction: After reading an entry, compose a one-sentence rundown of the section.


Content – 2, Form – 2, Grammar – 2, Vocabulary – 2, Spelling – 2

Section 1: 4 minutes to peruse and comprehend the entries.

Troubles: Unknown subject, complex words.

Section 2: 4 minutes to compose the rundown. 2 minutes to check language, spelling and clean sentence.

Troubles: Sentence development, associating words and spelling.

To get the great score, do rehearse rehashed questions. I have recorded some of them beneath.


At the point when Namibia picked up freedom in 1990, adolescent Pascolena Florry was grouping goats in the nation’s dry, destroy northern savannah. Her activity, unpaid and unsafe, was to shield her folks’ domesticated animals from preying jackals and panthers. She considered natural life to be the adversary, and huge numbers of alternate indigenous occupants of Namibia’s rustic collective grounds shared her view. Untamed life poaching was typical. After fifteen years, 31-year-old Pascolena’s life and viewpoint are altogether different. She has constructed a formerly undreamed-of profession in tourism and is the principal dark Namibian to be delegated the administrator of a visitor hold up. Her town, and many others have straightforwardly profit by government endeavors to decline natural life administration and tourism improvement on mutual terrains to conservancies keep running by indigenous people groups. “Presently we see the natural life as our method for making employments and open doors as the tourism business develops,” she likewise says. “What’s to come is better with natural life around, for occupations as well as for the earth” (Florry 2004).

Test Answer 1:

Prior to the freedom of Namibia, Pascolena Florry’s activity was to crowd goats in dry destroy abandon without paid alongside risky preying natural life, notwithstanding, after autonomy of this nation, she picked up an undreamed activity at her 30s which was a chief position in tourism and make living by untamed life around, the two individuals from mutual towns and indigenous occupants are profited from government’s tourism advancement on public grounds. (67 words)

Test Answer 2:

The foundation of conservancies, keep running by nearby groups and helped by the administration and NGOs, has been demonstrated fruitful to enable creating nations to decentralize characteristic assets, to make employments and enhance the economy. (33 words)(I am running with this)

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