Submission Guidelines

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As you decide to become a permanent member of Content Creativity, we recommend reading the terms and conditions prior to the registration process. The process of registration is simple and does not require any formalities as witnessed at other platforms. Begin the membership procedure by:

  • Logging on to the website
  • Sign up to create a new membership account.
  • Provide personal details to proceed, such as:
    • Email ID – Helps you verify your account
    • Password – To secure the personal data
    • Username – Provides recognition
    • Contact No – For quick correspondence
  • Submit the details to get access to a personalised account.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”II. TO SUBMIT AN ARTICLE” open=”false” preview_active=”true” hide_toggle=”true”]Once your account is created, log in to submit the article on our website. A dashboard is created that contains your profile and details regarding the submission of articles at “Home” section. Specific details have to be filled in the “Write and Edit” section in order to process the article for approval such as:
    • Title

      The article should have a title within 100 characters that precisely describe the topic, giving an indication about what the content is likely to possess.

    • Category

      You can submit your article in the right category to provide the reader ease to choose the classification of his/her interest. It assists them in reaching to the article quicker.

    • Summary

      Give introduction to describe briefly the details that the article aims to discuss. This will enlighten the readers with the basic knowledge of the content they will read.

    • Keywords

      Choose words that readers are most likely to search to be able to access your article. A thoughtful placement of word can assist in attaining traffic!

    • Body

      This portion contains the flawless well-drafted information that the author will extend to the readers to read. There is no room for making any blunders and therefore, the writer is expected to proofread the article, ensuring that the content is free of grammatical errors and conceptual inaccuracy. Only a qualitative writing piece is published on the website to maintain the credibility of the site. Stay vigilant!

    • Resource Box

      The readers provide their feedback on this section and the writer is allowed to place promotional content, which should not exceed 15 percent of the length of article.

    • Author

      Initials of the author are written that has been provided by him/her at the time of registration.

    • Post

      Here the status can be seen that states whether the article has been approved or not by the committee. If the quality of content meets the standard, this section will display the time and date the article will be published. In addition, the duration of display will also be mentioned.

    TO VIEW PERFORMANCE In this section, the account performance can be monitored that describes how well the articles are doing on the website. With more than one published article, you can keep track of the stats exhibited through which the response can be analysed. Additionally, the future articles can be planned simultaneously.

    TO ACCESS NETWORKINGWith the assistance of this feature, the author has the liberty to connect with other popular authors to strengthen their interaction. The approved author name will enable you to take part in discussions giving your opinion about different subject matters. This provides the opportunity to grow and excel in the forum.

    TO UTILISE RESOURCESThe author can make use of the abundant of assets available under this section. It contains varied plug-ins, multifaceted widgets, banners, wallpapers, articles and alert boxes. By using these features, the author can personalise their articles making them more desirable and complete. Extra considerations can attract the attention of the readers, inviting them to read!

    Instructions It is recommended that the author produces a standardised article with credible content that can be viewed by millions of members of Content Creativity. The writing should be professional, error free with a concrete sentence structure that perfectly communicates the idea. In no way the content should be promotional or self-serving, failure to which will result in the cancellation of the article. Special attention is to be devoted to the content, which shall be free of controversy, negative, illegitimate or rehashed material. We believe in the submission of original and innovative content by the authors that highlights the intention.