5 Simple Ways to increse your downloads for your Mobile Apps

January 15, 2019

In 2018, there were 198.2 Billion of apps downloads. According to statics this number of Downloads to be increasing in up coming time. these large number of apps are boosted by the marketer. it’s very difficult to boost your own app on the crowded market but not impossible to rank your app. if you want to your app get more downloads you need to apply the beloved method to get more App downloads.

1. Quality App Store Optimiztion (ASO)

ASO is very important for app developer because ASO is the best way to bring a large number of downloads to your app and its increase your app visibility on the app store. To learn ASO is important for App developer because if they know about ASO so they can implement this technique while uploading their apps on Play store.

2. Increase User Reviews and Rating 

This is a very important factor for Developers to bring more positive App Review and rating. its little bit difficult for developers in getting positive feedback from there users. if you have more app review and rating then you will get more Downloads for your apps. you need to increase your positive App Reviews and Rating from your users.

3. App Photos and Video 

This is another important tip to get more app downloads. You need to make a quality App video and eye-catching Photos which attract the users to downloads your app. if you have made a good app but not good Phots so it will bring lake downloads. try to make a quality video of your apps.

4. Social Media 

For any business social media is very important. if you want to bring more Downloads for your App then you must to engage your self with Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc. Nowadays there are a lot of Social Media Groups which you can easily join and share your products to get more users. So if you want to get more app downloads then must be engaged with Social Media.

5. Joining Forums and Answer Question Websites 

in my own experience, this is a very important step because these sites create quality backlinks for your apps. the backlinks are very important for any website or Apps. if you have a lot of Quality backlink then your app will get high ranking on play store when you get high Rankin then you will get more downloads for your apps.

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