Who are the best experts for digital marketing in the USA?

May 11, 2022

Do you know that new trends can be frequently seen in the field of online marketing? However various professionals of online marketing and experts in internet marketing will always be ready to help you in the proper marketing of your business. So, we can say that if you want to market your business online then you are not alone. These professionals and experts have a lot of experience and knowledge which they can share with you. In this post, I am going to tell you about some very good experts in digital marketing in USA.
1.Michael A. Stelzner – A popular blog based on examining social media has been founded by him. For running businesses of various types, there are some growth hacks and for writing white paper there are some tips over which he has written 3 books. Those people who are interested in building skills can get much help from the great videos posted by him. Internet marketing and Facebook ads are the various topics about which he has written a lot in his posts. For boosting the skills of marketing there are some tricks that you can find in his podcasts.
2.Neal Schaffer – Among those power influencers on social media that are top 50, he occupies a unique spot and this list has been created by Forbes. Certain books have been written by him on how to maximize, create and implement a strategy of social media. For social media marketing on LinkedIn, he has written books that have won awards too. If you want to get detailed information about LinkedIn SMM and influencer marketing then start following him. For various platforms, there are some strategies for social media marketing that he has shared on Twitter.
3.Madalyn Sklar – According to 2017’s Huffington Post, Madalyn was one of those 50 women entrepreneurs that you must follow. The state of Texas has a city named Houston where she is a powerful influencer on social media and has occupied the rank 1. A lot of impressions (10 billion) have been gained by her chat posts on TwitterSmarter. If on the platform named Twitter you want your brand to grow with the help of various resources and tricks then she can guide you about it. There are various social networks like Twitter about which she has discussed a lot with the experts in the industry and you can listen to these discussions on her podcasts and chat on TwitterSmarter.
4.Rebekah Radice – There are 200,000 members in her online community and her email subscribers are 100,000 in number. Rebekah has written a lot on how to grow your business online with the use of social media. A large number of leaders that are focused on growth have got teachings from her on how to market any business online. By teaching them she gathered a great knowledge in the field of digital marketing which she is ready to share. In developing a solid strategy for social media marketing, the experts of digital marketing can get great help from the growth hacks and how-to guides that she has posted.
5.Heidi Medina – She has gained a lot of experience in providing coaching on LinkedIn. There are various topics like food, life, motivation and business about which she has written some blogs. She writes on topics that are informative, relatable and personal. Heidi takes interest in posting on brand building, content marketing and productivity hacks.
6.Jay Baer – For Cisco, Oracle, Nike, Caterpillar and a large number of other companies he has worked as an advisor. He can help you in knowing that to market any business how word-of-mouth and content marketing can be helpful and he has posted material over it. If you want to connect with the experts in digital marketing then you can do this via Jay Baer’s social podcast. In order to make strong efforts in creating content, taking advice from him will be right for you.
7.Ann Handley – On business writing and content marketing she has written 6 books. At MarketingProfs, Ann has worked as Chief Content Officer. For getting news about digital marketing a very good source is ClickZ.com whose co-founder is Ann. She has written a lot about how to market any business with the help of great content. Thought leadership and work culture are the two topics on which she posts occasionally. All the aspects of social media marketing have been covered by her in her posts on Twitter.
8.Joe Pulizzi – He has the skills of creating engaging and friendly content. In order to market his product, he has created several anecdotes, made a number of predictions on content marketing, talked to the experts in the industry and you can see all that in his tweets. If you want to know how to churn content of good quality then visit his LinkedIn account. There you can find the necessary information related to the churning of the content.
So, above I have mentioned some very good Digital Marketing Experts in USA. You can take help from any of them for the growth of your business online.

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