An Era Of Smartphones We All Love to Be a Part Of

June 14, 2021

Technological changes have been very significant as well as dearest to all of us. It has not just been a piece of attraction, but it has got us dependent. Technology can leave our survival challenged today literally if we go about even a single hour without our smartphones.

Yes, the smartphone is one such creation of technology that has changed the market’s dynamics very differently. Earlier, we all used cellular phones for communication and interaction with others; however, smartphones of today which are technically well-equipped, offer individuals quite a lot more than communication.

They are being used for numerous purposes, including entertainment, socialising, working, etc. Several practitioners have concluded that smartphones have even taken over different key devices of today such as computers, laptops, tablet pcs, etc.

All this reflects the capability of technology to influence human’s behaviour and adherence towards improvements and innovations. Thus, we have ultimately reached the stage of life where a single hour spent without smartphones can have our anxiousness triggered.

The emergence of Advanced Smartphones

We all loved Nokia’s operating system, known as Symbian OS, allowing hand-made customisation, installation of numerous applications, etc. There were no signs of any competitor coming any close to Nokia while it stood as the market’s giant.

But consumer’s demands tend to shift as the environment changes, and hence innovations by Google and APPLE collectively introduced a new trend that was attractive for everyone.

Today, Nokia is the least bought smartphone brand that once had been the king of the industry. The dynamics changed back in 2012, and Samsung was ahead in beating Nokia out from the competition.

Samsung has been the new king of the industry due to its spontaneous response towards assessing the rapidly changing demands of the consumers and focussing on incorporating new trends of the market within its products. Starting from its Galaxy’s S series and making profits from the Note series, Samsung was taking down every competitor with its mesmerising flagships.

Reviewing Some Interesting Innovations in the Smartphone Industry

Smartphones were introduced with the concept of having a fully functional processor within a compact device. The design and the hand-held size of a smartphone were equally important as its performance had been concerned. However, as the trends changed, the size of smartphones started increasing.

Probably APPLE and SAMSUNG are two great rivals of the industry today, and a majority of the innovative concepts have been started from these two giants.

Introduction of Biometrics for Advanced Security – Both the rivals were highly indulged in ensuring maximum safety for the users of their devices, and both were effective in introducing a ‘fingerprint sensor’ in their devices back in 2013 and 2014.

This was a key initiative that increased the trust of customers, and a gradual boost in the sales of such devices had been reported extensively.

Web Content Service recently surveyed a famous social media platform in which it set up a poll that collected answers regarding the funky changes Samsung had been making in its smartphone devices. Different results were collected, and a majority of them reflected the fact that the company is trying to target teenagers who are the key and detailed smartphone users of the current era.

They included that the key players of the industry are not just emphasising the performance of their devices, but they are making it look beautiful as well, which allows them to have a different stand-out within their social gathering.

The Highlight of this Discussion – Samsung Galaxy Fold

Just like concept cars, some concept smartphones were introduced as a prototype to target the innovation practices as well. One of such findings was curved and flexible displays allowing users to fold their smartphone screens so that they can fit in their pockets quite easily. This concept was very interesting, and upon receiving a positive response from the consumer groups, Samsung was the first contender to materialise it and come ahead with a retail unit known as Galaxy Fold.
The initial response in terms of sales was massive and the marketing done to support its purchase decision was quite attractive as well. But to an unknown future, it turned out to be a disaster when the displays started cracking and going ‘black’. Yet, a giant like Samsung is always ready to accept its mistakes and improve them with the perception of learning. Two other devices were rolled out, as a result, referred to as Galaxy Fold 2 and Z Flip.

From being curvy and foldable, they were quite beautiful as well and attracted a majority of different consumer groups. However, the prices were set extremely high, which concerned the middle-class buyers, and they were left out to have a window-shopping experience only.
Are These Devices Practically Usable?

The question remains as “Do we need such display?” Well, apparently “NO” from a personal perception as they offer just a bigger display while the key specification still lacks as compared with Samsung’s Note Flagship Devices. You wouldn’t have to spend extra thousands of bucks to have just a beauty device if you are a Note user already. Yet, there is no end to your demands, and we are already situated in an era where the inferiority complex remains at its peak.

Thus, it needs to be understood that an individual must assess their capability to purchase and their needs before making a wise decision so that regret remains at the lowest in future.

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