Is It Necessary To Register Your Company?

January 15, 2019

On constructing your own company, it is necessary for you to register it being the citizen if India. This kind of registration process is necessary because you cannot do a business or a firm by merely opening it without the prior approval from the Government.
Therefore, company registration in India is an essential factor in whether it may be a small-scale or a large-scale industry.

Which business structure suits you?

Being an entrepreneur, you should decide on which business structure will suit your business to run your business more effectively and smoothly. Moreover, the tax rates which you pay for your huge incomes also depend on the business structure you choose. The different business structures are:

  • One person company (OPC): It is the kind of business structure where you are the owner of your business free from the shareholders or stakeholders.
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP): This is where your company deals with a limited number of agreed partners.
  • PLC (Private Limited Company): Here, your company works with stakeholders and some partners and you will be dependent on them.
  • Public Limited Company: Here you and your business partners work in association with the Government.


  • To get the company registered, you must have the following requirements.
  • You must have a digital signature number.
  • A direct identification number.
  • You must be registered with the MCA portal.
  • You must pursue a certificate of incorporation.

A DSN number helps you to connect your company’s database with the registration link. A direct identification number is used for proper authentication of your id with the registration forms. It is necessary that your company must be recognized y the governing bodies of India. For this purpose, you must be registered in the portal of MCA.Last but not the least; your company must be incorporated with the legal laws before starting its construction work. Therefore, to run your business legally, you must need company registration in India.

As you know that the registration process is pretty a long one, it consumes a lot of time and you have the option of company registration in India online.

With this service, you could upload your documents and necessary certificates that are essential for the registration process. The only thing you should be aware of is that the kind of business structure you choose and the partners you choose because these are the factors that pave the path for your business either in a positive or negative way. Moreover, your tax rates are highly dependent on the business structure you choose. If you choose the structure which is unsuitable to your business, then you will be the sufferer on paying non-affordable tax rates and business liabilities. Moreover, you must be very careful while loading your confidential information in the online. Because on these days hackers are prevailing more in Indian society and you must be aware of fraud agents too who helps you in the company registration in India online.

Therefore, for starting an enterprise in India, you must have your company registered online. The online services are available to you to save your time and reduce your tension during the registration process.

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