How Can You Customize WordPress Website Theme in The Years of 2021

December 7, 2021

It’s always great to have a website for your business and if that is with WordPress, then you are one step ahead of your competitors. Because the CMS WordPress offers easy customization options with outstanding features and plugins to make your website user-friendly and search engine friendly.
After successful installation of WordPress theme, if you find it’s not the right fit for your business and needs customization for an engaging website. I’m sure it’s not annoying, as there are several options available for you to customize your WordPress themes.
Here are some facts and figures of WordPress below,
1. WordPress commands 39.6% of the internet in 2021, it was 35% in 2020. Thus the growth of nearly 5%, which is also 1% better than the previous year.
2. If you count only CMS-build sites, 64.1% of them are powered by WordPress – a 4% increase from 2020 (60%)
3. Over 60 million websites are hosted on the Custom WordPress Development Services platform.
4. The website base of WordPress increased by nearly 3.2% between 2019 and 2021.
5. Some of the popular WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce get as many as a million installations per week.
6. Over 14% of the top 100 websites on the internet are powered by WordPress.
7. As of 2021, has more than 54,000 plugins and over 7,000 themes.
8. Over 13% of all WordPress websites use the WooCommerce plugin. The plugin has been downloaded over 60 million times and installed by 3 million websites worldwide.
9. WordPress is preferred and recommended by over 50% of CMS users and web designers.
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But the major challenge is finding the most right way.
So here are several options that you need to follow for the customization of your WordPress theme. This article definitely helps you to identify the right one for you.
Options to Customize your WordPress Theme:
Before diving in and start making changes to your theme, you need to know the best options that are available for customizing of your WordPress themes.
Here you go,
• If you want to add functionality to your WordPress theme, install WordPress Plugin.
• Use the customizer to your WordPress admin screens for customizer fonts, colors, and layouts, depending on the theme you choose.
• If you work on a page builder theme, use its feature for customizing the design of your WordPress website.
• When you install a framework theme, you can use a child theme that is available to customize your site.
• As your theme is specific to your site and you are comfortable with it. You can edit the theme’s code directly.
• As you want to edit the code of the third-party theme, you can go with the child theme.
If you want you can edit the code, there are a number of options available to you. You can go with the block editor, to the customizer, all you need to do is some editing.
Why do you need to customize your WordPress Theme?
With a customized WordPress theme you can change the website appearance completely. It is a great form of promoting your own unique style. It will help you to stand away from the crowd.

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