Assignment Writing – Mid-Term Exam Questions of Law

August 5, 2016

Ans 1: Meyers rented asset to Ben on lease agreement according to which Ben was obliged to pay for using the asset (garage). According to contract, Ben must perform as specified in the contract unless they both agree to the change in the contract’s terms, or the actions of the Ben, who according to Meyers deviates from the terms of the contract are implicitly accepted by the action or non-action of him. In case of no acceptance of deviation from the terms of contract and nature of deviation is serious and making difference in the intended result of the contract then Ben can be said to have breached the contract.  According to breach contract, Ben did not keep the contract as he was prohibited to sell oil and petrol and he was not able to continue the contract as determined in the contract. Thus Ben failed to perform according to contract and thus he is in breach for not performing according to the contract. Assignment writing service can help students get over the stress of staying awake all night.

Ans 2: The agreement was made between two to deliver bricks and due to weather impact agreement could not be fulfilled.  If the agreement made is written, and carries all the elements of agreement including offer, acceptance of terms and conditions of contract, consideration and capacity to enter into the contract, intent and legality of the contract, thus in this circumstance, the terms of agreement are important to review because if the supplier has agreed to supply the bricks in all circumstances and agreed to pay charges for late delivery, he is said to breach the contract. The breach of contract can be used if there is a valid contract (written and all elements of the contract), and John can be said to have breached the contract for delivering the bricks on deadline.  In addition, Joe can also argue to be delivered bricks using air but this argument will be valid if agreement is made to supply the bricks on strict deadline.


Ans 3:  Under law, a contract is a legal agreement that binds two or more parties, if it contains the elements of a valid legal agreement it is enforceable by law. A written contract is valid way to congeal a deal made between two parties when particular elements are fulfilled and the absence of an element can possibly deem it unenforceable, on the other hand, Allen has signed the contract which describes that he cannot sue the agency in case of any misrepresentation.    Such contract in which wrong product is sold to party as the case is defined in the question. In such case, contract is considered as void because it did not meet all elements of contract. A coursework writing  provider can be of a great assistance in terms of providing a quality writing service. The client was shown a different property while he is sold another property.


Ans 4: The most general elements of the contract under agency includes: offer, acceptance and consideration. Specific elements of contract under agency may include legal capacity, contractor guarantee, detail description of property or object and Payment Information. The specific elements required for a contract under an agency for foreigners are No Violatiofn of Public Policy, Competent parties, Legality of object and Performance or Delivery.

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