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August 1, 2016

Case Summary

As identified in the given scenario, the case revolves around Bobby the bandleader, owner, and issue as he had been singing this song in public without permission of Johnny Singstealer as he originally created it. As described in the case, Bobby has been singing the classical song “operator of Bobby’s Bistro and Johnny Singstealer. The issue arisen due to classical song ‘Happy Birth Day to You’, which had been sung by Bobby in his restaurant. Due to this song, Bobby and his restaurant gained a lot of popularity and people preferred to come to his restaurant for celebrating their birthday. When Johnny Singstealer heard it, he thought that Bobby is convicted to copyright Happy Birth Day to You” with changed and modified tune, the song with title “Happy Birth Day to You” can be taken into account as common wishing statement. In other words, Bobby just used “Happy Birth Day to You” phrases not original tune of the song. Moreover, people liked the song just because Bobby used to change the tune with different music mix techniques. Now, Johnny Singstealer claims that though “Happy Birth Day to You” is common wishing phrases but it was the words of his song and therefore Bobby is convicted to copyright issue. A thesis writing help can resolve the law issue by writing a professional academic paper. Other relevant facts regarding case are that the song “Happy Birth Day to You” has universal appeal and everyone is aware of the lyrics and the melody (Studwell, 1997). In additie words “Happy Birth Day to You” words and did not sing original song. On the other hand, copyright law is applied on the situation when original work of an artist is stolen or used without the permission or recognition of the person (Torremans, 2007). A coursework writing service can help the student resolve the issue remarkably. Thus, the claim of Johnny Singstealer on Bobby to pay 1 million dollars can have two different legal implications; at first, it is considered that Bobby is not convicted to copyright because numbers of people sings it and not everyone can be convicted of copyright issue. On the other hand, other legal implication could be based on the fact that not everyone makes money by singing and if Bobby has earned money by singing this song, although it was his own version but song “Happy Birth Day to You” was originally idea of Johnny Singstealer. Therefore, it can concluded that Bobby sang the song “Happy Birth Day to You” for commercial meaon, very few people are aware that this song is copyrighted song, however, it is sung by millions of people on daily basis (McJohn, 2006).

Legal Implications, Analysis and Conclusion

As identified in the above section, the song “Happy Birth Day to You” is a copyrighted song does not confirm that Bobby was convicted to copyright issues because it involves different legal complexity. However, copyright law ensures individuals for their creative and intellectual work such as songs that also includes music and lyrics of the song, but “Happy Birth Day to You” is an occasional song, spoken or sung by number of individuals. It is similar to song “Good Morning to All,” as it is greeting words and mostly spoken by numbers of people. Moreover, it is significant to notify here that Bobby had sung this song in his own version, and this signifies that he used thns and it makes him convicted to copyright issue.

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