The growing market for beauty services- What does it take to compete?

May 9, 2022

US citizens spend a whopping 46 billion dollars on beauty services. This statement can prove vital to why the beauty servicing market can be the next big thing in the modern world. People nowadays find it hard to visit a spa and salon to avail beauty services. People need services at their doorsteps. An Uber for beauty app or a GlamSquad is providing the same. Strategies can help an owner to thrive in the business. An on-demand beauty service app with a proper structure can be the talk of the town.

What makes these beauty services apps gain popularity among individuals? What are the features expected from the app?

The growth of on-demand beauty services:

The Uber for X category has made several on-demand services affordable, reliable and accessible. Doorstep services have boosted business sales. A beauty service app development can connect customers and service providers seamlessly. Online platforms like Glamapp and Venesette have utilized this surge in beauty services. There are vital factors that influence the growth of these beauty services. They are,
People find it difficult to get an appointment at the local spa. The waiting hours are long, thereby testing the patience of customers.
People realize that the local salon is not competent enough with the services offered in the market. People are aware of the services offered outside nowadays.
With smartphones, people know the best rates of services offered. If a local salon and spa demand more, customers are disappointed.
People do not want to travel to the salon or spa centre. Instead, they demand services to their doorsteps.
This leads to the development of a new solution that can cater to the needs of the customers. Spa and salon app development has sprung as the recent advancement in this business venture.

Why developing an app can be beneficial?

App markets are beginning to fill a huge void between customers and service providers. According to a survey, US consumers spend 35.5 billion dollars in the online marketplace. According to Forbes, 28% of the hairdressers and stylists are already independent consultors. 60% of the people are ready to pay extra for doorstep services. The market for on-demand apps can reach as high as 335 billion US dollars by 2025. Online beauty platform Glamsquad has generated a revenue of 9 million US dollars. Growth of the on-demand home service market is close to 52% CAGR over the forecast period.

Apps provide flexibility in timings. Scheduled bookings can make the process effortless. Now is the ideal time to start the development of an on-demand beauty service app. Multiple players can enter as the business is expanding rapidly.

From the above facts, it can be comprehended that an on-demand spa app development offers a great business venture.

The development of the app:

Planning can provide all the insights regarding the development of the app. A feature-filled app draws more attention from the customers. Some features can scale the dependence of customers.

What are the features of a beauty services app?

Scheduling Appointments: Users can schedule appointments through the app at the date and time of their convenience.
Search filters: Users can filter services based on specialists, ratings, location, etc.
Payment facilities: Users can pay through different digital wallets, credit, and debit cards once the service is availed.
Notifications and Reminders: Users, in their busy day, cannot open the app every time. They expect push notifications to remind them of the upcoming bookings and offers. Syncing the users’ calendar can be a great benefit.
Live Tracking: Live tracking facilities improve the efficiency of the app. Users get to know the status of their service providers.
Rating and Reviews: Users can rate the service provided on a scale of 1-5 in the app. Service providers can also do the same. Users can share their experience in the form of reviews.
Loyalty points to service providers: The service providers can be rewarded for services with on-time arrival, excellent ratings, etc. Service providers with high loyalty points can be added to the premium feature of the app.

What are the suggestions before developing a beauty services app?

Variety in services: The app must offer advanced services. Customers may expect a complete facial or settle for a simple nail polishing.
Combo or pool services: Some users decide the services by scrolling the app. Hairdressing, grooming, and nails can provide a complete package for the customers. Discounted prices on these combo offers can attract customers.
Sell Beauty products: In addition to the services, selling beauty products can improve customer engagement. Customers may seek an opinion from service providers regarding the products needed.
Premium benefits: Customers can pay a subscription fee to unlock premium benefits. Premium benefits include instant service, discounted prices, etc.
Wedding reservations: Beauty service options for the entire marriage event can come in handy. Services may include the Bride and the Bridegroom’s complete beauty services as well as persons attending the marriage.
Communicating with experts: People care for personal care and beauty as they do to a medical service. Users may find it beneficial if expert consultation is available. By consulting an expert, customers can get rid of their doubts.


Beauty services are a potential market to reap revenue in the modern world. Customers expect best-in-class services from professional service providers. Proper management of the app can benefit business owners to a great extent. Growing interests of people towards beauty services can mean that people are expecting a change in the market. Are you ready to revolutionize the market? Your beauty services can unveil all the above-said features and can be the first of its kind!

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