How To Choose Your Dentist?

June 19, 2019

I never cease to wonder when I see people talking about their doctors/dentists. Conversations often run like this –

Scenario 1:

Patient 1: Hey… I need to see a skin doctor….you know anyone?

Patient 2: Yeah… but what’s the problem? Rashes? Why don’t you apply so and so cream? It’s miraculous….

Patient 1: Oh I tried that…didn’t work…

Patient 2: Alright then … there is this doctor practicing at xyz…he’s good….

Patient 1: Yes…I have heard of him too…. but I want someone closer to my home in abc area…

Scenario 2:

Patient 1: Hey… I need to see a skin doctor….you know anyone?

Patient 2: Yeah… but what’s the problem? Rashes? Why don’t you apply so and so cream? Its miraculous….

Patient 1: Oh I tried that…didn’t work…

Patient 2: Alright then … there is this doctor practicing at xyz…he’s good….

Patient 1: yes…I have heard good things of him too…. but he’s expensive…. Know someone cheaper??..

It is always interesting the factors that people consider – convenience, cost and recommendations. The latter is fine by me – and to an extent maybe even the cost…. but convenience?

Why’d you risk your health/smile with someone just because he/she set up clinic close to where you live/work?

How do you choose a good piece of jewellery? Do you go to the first shop near your home? or do you check up on several outlets? Do you prefer a place with a reputation for selling genuine stuff or do you write out cheques for anything that glitters?

The following guidelines should help you get a good dentist:



People don’t acquire reputations overnight. Talk to people -friends and family. Find out their experiences. If someone has something good to say – make a mental note of the name of the dentist. (Remember no one likes dentistry – so it’s difficult to find someone who will rave about a dentist – but even if he/she agrees that the dentist was good – it’s a truly positive sign)


Check out the general appearance of the clinic – is it clean/hygienic? Does the ambiance put you off or is it pleasant? If the doctor has gone to the trouble of ensuring that you are seated in clean/neat/pleasant surroundings – it means the dentist is interested that you have a pleasant experience.


Inquire about their sterilization protocol. Are all instruments put through the proper cycle of autoclaving and sterilization? Are they stored properly? Are disposables actually disposed of – after every patient?


Note the way the dentist speaks to you. The general vibe from the dentist should be friendly and confident. Does he allot sufficient time to listen to your queries? Does he/she take note of your requirements or does he thrust his own treatment plan onto you without your proper explanation? A doctor who listens to you fully, then formulates a treatment plan with more than one option – is someone who cares about what you need. The dentist should explain to you your condition, how he diagnosed it(showing you x-rays and photographs ) and possible reasons for its occurrence.


If you are going in for aesthetic/cosmetic procedures or dental implants – request to see previous cases done by the dentist. Most well established dentists have a patient case gallery. This is well within your rights as a patient. Moreover it will give you a fair idea what to expect, the possibilities available and the skill/experience of the dentist.


If you have been referred a dentist’s name – check online to see if they have a website. This way you have a basic idea about the doctor, the kind of work they do and also the facilities available. Also most dental procedures/products can be googled up anytime. Ask your dentist for names of procedures and products. If you need to decide about a procedure in a hurry – use the dental office computer to educate yourself immediately. Every good dental office has patient treatment related books/pamphlets/brochures available too for those not too net savvy.

7) COSTS: 

Do not reject a dentist on the basis of his/her treatment charges being higher than someone else. Ask the dentist politely to justify/explain the charges. Remember – there are a wide variety of materials used. Dental materials come in various qualities – and their prices differ naturally. Also a more experienced dentist will naturally charge you slightly higher than someone with less qualifications and experience. Listen – question – and then choose. (A little note here for compulsive bargainers – please do not embarrass your doctor by attempting to bargain. Instead – if you cannot afford a certain treatment – explain your budget restrictions and request him for an alternative treatment plan).


Nobody likes travelling miles to visit a dentist but forsaking a good doctor for convenience is foolishness. If you have identified a good dentist but he/she practices some distance from your place – ask him/her to reduce the number of appointments required. If you are co-operative and do not mind keeping your mouth open for larger amounts of time- the dentist will be willing to accommodate longer appointments for the sake of your convenience. This way you have achieved your objective of visiting a doctor of repute as well as decreased your travel time. Also identify convenience stores/relatives nearby – this way you can get some shopping/visiting done on the same day – justifying the distance you have traveled.

Just like your health – your smile is something that enhances your life. It makes you feel good about yourself. It makes you confident when you face the world. Entrust your smile to someone qualified, experienced and caring.

Entrust your smile to someone who cares about your smile as much as you do.

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