Brown rice or Millets for weight loss? Which is better?

July 9, 2020

It’s clear enough that we are facing health issues due to drastic lifestyle changes. Our eating habits have gone for a toss. Our gut health has been compromised. From obesity to constipation, something or the other has always been a source of stress for us.
Back in the day, our grandparents didn’t have to put in any extra effort on maintaining the perfect figure, or an exceptional eye or orla health. They were disease-free and their immune systems were robust. There was something about the foods they ate. The food they consumed was high in nutrients and low in fats and carbs. Want to know what their diet chart looked like?
Well, it consisted of less processed grains, and a variety of them. The current debate around white rice and whether brown rice is better than millet is a new conundrum, a problem of these recent years.
What are millets?
Millets are simply a group of highly variable small-seeded grasses, widely grown in Asia and Africa. They are highly nutritious and are often called supergrains. There are a wide variety of them: Sorghum (jowar), Pearl millet (bajra), Finger millet, Foxtail millet, Barnyard millet, Proso millet, etc.
Role of millets in weight loss?
Millets are high in fiber (30%) and low in fats (5-6%). They make a rich source of protein (22%), carbohydrates (27%), vitamins, minerals and iron (17%). 100 grams of cooked millet provides 378 calories. Hence, they are an excellent food choice for weight loss.
Source: Nutritionalvalue
They can be made into wholesome breakfast and palatable lunches. They are highly customizable and can be a part of almost all recipes. From samosas, dosas, pancakes to momos, dhoklas and porridge.
What is Brown rice?
Brown rice is a whole grain. It has the bran (fibrous) and germ (nutritional) intact. While the bran and the germ are removed from the white rice, making it less nutritional. Brown rice is less processed and is not refined to make it look white.
Nutritional value of brown rice?
100 grams of brown rice has 362 calories, but more from carbohydrates and less from proteins and minerals. It consists of carbohydrates (28%), proteins (15%), and fiber (12%). Also, it has iron (10%) and small amounts of other minerals.
Source: Nutritionalvalue
Brown rice can be used in place of white rice, and is a much healthier option than white rice. It also contains less calories and is recommended for weight loss.
Superpowers of millets and brown rice:
Both of these indigenous and localized grains are highly effective in weight loss. Their health benefits are similar. Both help in bringing down the cholesterol levels, they are both good for your heart. What’s more- They are naturally gluten-free.
Give them a try, and put your stomach at ease, as they are good for digestion and flush out harmful germs. They might not instinctively become your favorite food, but they definitely are the richest ones in nutrients. You can make the most mouth-watering dishes through them, and easily replace them with wheat, white rice, and Maida (refined wheat flour).
Still thinking?
It can be boring to eat wheat chapatis every day, you can instead eat Ragi chapatis full of nutrients to make your life less monotonous. These grains would also boost your immunity and power you throughout the day, fighting various diseases.
You no longer have to worry about your kids eating too much momos, you can make all these delicacies using millets or brown rice. It’s good for the whole family, even your grandparents having diabetes can enjoy them, as they are beneficial in controlling diabetes.

Which is better? Brown rice or Millets?
While it should be noted that millets have certain advantages over rice, as they are slightly more nutritious and have more health benefits. They are good for the heart, and help control diabetes. As grains are often exposed to arsenic, brown rice contains more arsenic than any other grain which can be bad for health. But consumed in small quantities everything is good.
Make your platter diverse, consume different grains on different days, enjoy the rainbow-like variety and find a different flavor for each day. Life is too short to eat mind-numbing food. Experiment! Explore! Discover!
The combined and rotational effects of this diet in millets and brown rice would drastically change your lifestyle and body weight.
Doctors advise people to not make any drastic change all of a sudden. For a beginner trying out both brown rice and millets is advised. The super nutrients of millets can definitely help a lot in weight loss.
Just like the middle path suggested by Buddha, a balanced diet is the key. For a better and healthier life, a balance needs to be created, and just brown rice would not be enough. Creating a balance is important and millets can play a great role in helping you achieve your perfect weight. Use the advantages of both and see the results yourself.
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