Why Should You Always Opt For Pure Cotton When Buying Blankets?

May 20, 2022

A good day begins the night before with sound sleep. It is, in fact, just as important as eating a healthy diet or exercising. That’s where blankets come in. Nothing compares to the level of comfort provided by a blanket. When the weather warms up but you still want to cuddle up with a blanket, a cotton blanket double bed size is an excellent compromise.

There are plenty of fabric options for blankets, but why do most people choose 100% cotton?

Our body temperature fluctuates, as we are all aware. It differs from person to person and can result in sweating or chills. Cotton is also the most absorbent fiber used in linens.  100% organic cotton absorbs moisture and keeps us warm while preventing sweating. Cotton blankets come in a variety of designs. It can be printed, customized, and even weighted. 

  • Quality and stability:

Organic blankets are a high-quality soft fabric that is becoming increasingly popular. The type of cotton material used in blankets are produced without using any harsh additives, resulting in a cleaner product with higher durability. Instead of harsh detergents, the cotton blanket needs lukewarm water and plant-based soaps. Pure cotton blankets are not only long-lasting but also environmentally benign. Pure cotton can last significantly longer than any synthetic alternative, so it’s a good investment.

  • Gentle on skin: 

Organic cotton linens are so soft on our skin that they feel like a feather. Perfect for people who suffer from frequent skin breakouts. There’s nothing like slipping into a clean, hygienic, and comfortable blanket. Cotton has a low allergy risk and does not cause irritation or itchiness, which helps to improve your sleep quality. The soft texture or airiness of high-quality blankets is determined by how the cotton is woven. Ultimately, this results in a product that stays soft even after frequent washes.


Cotton blankets do not require hand washing or drying. Most of them get clean simply by soaking in soap water or rubbing them gently by hand. They are durable and soft even when washed in a washing machine. Finding a multi-seasonal, functional and comfortable blanket is a difficult task. 


Furthermore, blanket sizes are not standardized like mattress sizes, so purchasing one can be tough. So, it is always recommended to go with a cotton blanket double bed size because it is more spacious and allows you to get all cozy every time you put it on. A cotton blanket adds timeless comfort to the bed, sofa, and also swings. It complements almost any decor. Cotton blankets are ideal for almost any season. It is available in a variety of colors and designs; you can look online for cotton blankets to find the best one for you.



Are the online prices reasonable for blankets?

Yes of course, you do get discounted prices on top-selling websites online, as well as door-step delivery.

How to take care of a cotton blanket?

Although pure cotton blankets do not need to be washed regularly, it is still recommended to wash them with mild liquid detergents and rinse with water every now and then & avoid harsh detergents. 

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