How to Selection Furniture for the Small Apartment and Home

January 12, 2021

Recently, a friend complained to me: the house price is still very high, so I can only buy a small apartment. However, the space of small apartment is small and the furniture arrangement is not reasonable, the space at home will be crowded. So how do you choose a small apartment? Today, I will teach you four coups to choose furniture suitable for a small apartment.
Small furniture is preferred
Small-sized apartment uses small-sized furniture to match. Small-sized furniture occupies less use area than general furniture, which makes it feel larger. Among them, it is important to choose a set of low-profile sofas. The low armrests and streamlined shapes of this sofa make the space more fluid in the living room. Coupled with a small round table and a mini TV cabinet, the space feels a lot of extension.
Lightweight furniture simple space
For small apartments, you should try to choose light furniture, such as glass, rattan, wood, etc. Especially the glass is very penetrating and has a cool feeling at the same time. The furniture made entirely of glass allows the line of sight to extend infinitely, even if the tall cabinets are not depressed in the space, and at the same time it has the effect of expanding the space.
Functional furniture is the kingly way
Functional furniture is full of changes, and the appearance can be changed according to the needs of the space. Small-area rooms most need this kind of furniture that can change with space. Such as foldable dining tables, tables and chairs with wheels, etc. Freely foldable dining table is the first choice for small rooms. This kind of dining table is best to choose an arc-shaped table side. It is usually used as a small dining table and a workbench. When there are many guests, it can be lengthened and widened.
How to choose the right furniture for a small apartment
Housing prices are rising rapidly, and small apartments have become the choice of many young people. The disadvantage of a small apartment is that the space is small. If the arrangement is not reasonable, the space will be crowded. Many people don’t know how to choose furniture for small apartment? Now let us introduce the skills of choosing furniture for small apartment.
1. sofa bed
The interior is filled with highly elastic sponge and strengthened thickness springs, making it comfortable to sit. Single bed, put down the back of the sofa, it becomes a single bed, usually guests at home can have a good night’s rest. The storage box, under the main body of the sofa, there are two large storage drawers, magazines that you usually read, and toys for children, all of which can be put in. Coffee table, this sofa has an extra small coffee table, which is located in the middle of the sofa. Drinking tea and coffee is more convenient than traditional coffee table. Of course, it can be put away when it is not needed.

2. Dressing table
Movable bedside cabinets, cabinets with pulleys, can move freely indoors, and some small items or decorations can be placed on the top of the cabinet at will. Tissue box, there are two round holes on the side of the cabinet, and the upper one can store roll paper, which is convenient to access. The locker, as a locker, this dressing table is not bad at all, with six large and small drawers, plus two storage boxes, so your bedroom is no longer messy.

3. Two door wardrobe
This new two-door wardrobe is very suitable for small apartments. The wardrobe has exquisite carvings, winding and winding fine markings, and a gentle dark brown, bringing a continuous romantic feeling to the room. The humanized design of the wardrobe is very practical, so that your clothes are arranged neatly and organized, so that your warm little home has a great sense of space.

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