September 9, 2020

logistics is at the heart of the e-commerce customer experience. discover 4 ways in which you can capitalize on its marketing potential and make it a lever for growth, attraction and differentiation.

The customer experience in e-commerce is very different from that in a physical store. Indeed, when consumers make their purchases in a store, they are in contact with the salespeople who accompany them throughout the purchasing process. They have the opportunity to touch, smell, or even sometimes taste the products.

These sensory experiences do not exist in e-commerce; you sell on a site that is on a screen and globally focus everything on the visual. But all is not lost, you can recreate physical experiences with your customers, even in e-commerce.

In e-commerce, the only physical meeting point between the brand and the customer is when the package is received; moreover, shipping is the culmination of the online shopping process. As a result, logistics is not a support function but an element at the heart of the customer experience.

According to Sorted , nearly half of shoppers (46%) said that one of the key factors in the online purchase decision is convenient and personalized delivery service.
Therefore, you should keep in mind that logistics encompasses all efforts in the business chain from acquisition to conversion.

It should therefore not be left at the end of the process. Logistics must indeed be considered from the moment the first contact with the customer is established, and can thus play the role of a powerful marketing lever for customer conversion and retention.
In the following paragraphs, I will share with you 4 ways to improve your customers’ experience and make logistics a good marketing lever.

free delivery
Free shipping has become popular since its introduction by Amazon for orders over $ 25.
According to Pitneybowes , 91% of customers leave a site when delivery isn’t fast or free enough, and 79% prefer delivery to be free rather than fast.

You can also use free delivery on social media as a differentiator, through sponsored posts:

If you are hesitating between these different strategies for your e-commerce, you can do A / B tests and see which strategy will work the best!
In order to rebuild this store customer experience that is not necessarily found in e-commerce, it is essential to recreate the brand’s universe through the personalization of your packages.

In general, we all prefer to receive a personalized package with the image of the brand rather than a simple standard cardboard package.
It is therefore crucial to play as much as possible on the 5 senses of your customers, as physical stores can do. Thanks to its partner Packhelp , Bigblue offers to personalize your packages in the image of your brand with designs specific to your company. You can then play on the visual aspect and thus offer a better unboxing experience. You can also play with the touch by using different materials, such as tissue paper, to wrap your product.

Bigblue also offers eco-responsible brands the opportunity to use recyclable materials and thus ensure respect for the culture and values ​​of a brand and its customers.
If you are a cosmetics brand, consider having the inside of your packages perfumed to awaken your customers’ sense of smell and thus recreate your brand universe.
Do not hesitate to add little surprises in your packages, such as thank you letters, promo codes, small stickers or candies (the latter appealing to an additional sense, that of taste).

All of these little details will allow you to create an unforgettable customer experience, differentiate yourself from your competition, and anchor your brand in a positive way in the minds of your customers.
tracking emails
In order to ensure the follow-up of orders and to offer a good customer experience, it is imperative for e-merchants to use tracking emails.
The main objective of the tracking emails is to facilitate the follow-up of your customers’ orders, it is
Although the customer experience in e-commerce and in-store are very different, it is still possible to recreate similar experiences for the customer and this by playing as much as possible on the 5 senses as well as on personalization.

Logistics, being at the heart of e-commerce, naturally offers great marketing potential that it would be regrettable to ignore. It is therefore more than important for e-merchants to make logistics a lever for growth, attraction and differentiation.

Author: Reza is in charge of Growth Hacking at Folio3 Shopify web design Company in USA, a logistics platform that integrates with Shopify.

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