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June 14, 2019

There’s no denying that the future of marketing is digital. While many company owners know of digital online marketing, many of them do not know how to go about it. Almost everybody is using social network platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Google+.  However, many marketing teams do not have the best idea of how to properly operate upon these platforms.

By properly making use the platforms you’ll not only save much of your marketing spending budget, but you’ll also have the possibility to reach millions of your target customers.


To achieve success on a social network, you’ll need to be regular and consistent. There’s no way you’ll build a voice if you post once a week or a month. While we recommend that you post regularly, you should not overdo it. Social network experts recommend that you should post five times a day on Twitter, 5-10 times a week on Facebook, and once a day on Google+ and Linkedln.

When posting, keep in mind that it isn’t about you, but rather your clients and followers. Many companies make the mistake of posting only promotional products. Not only will this head you to nowhere, but it’ll also result in the loss of followers. The very best way of going about this is to mix valuable info and a bit of promotional information.

This way, potential clients who need that relevant information will come for that, and will also be exposed to the ads and posters promoting your brand or label.

This method is how Youtube channels, among others, generate revenue. Once they have achieved a certain level of success and popularity, they are invited to monetize their channel, which means that during break points in their videos, ads from various companies will play. Where this ad plays often depends on the length of the video, but it most often occurs when the video is starting. Sometimes, the ads are skippable; other times they will play until the ad begins. Regardless, the ad’s job has been completed. Platforms like Facebook generate their revenue in the same way, by havings between posts on your timeline and in the side panes.

Ad revenue is significant to the livelihood of web services, as having a website or service that clients can sign up to for free is undoubtedly an excellent strategy to build your brand, the costs that come with needing to maintain your brand can quite often hamper the company’s growth.

For this reason, establishing a means to market yourself in such a way that customers continue coming back while also hosting ads on your site that ensure you will be able to meet your costs is imperative to your survival as a brand.

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Todd Anderson has managed multiple web design clients through several different companies and currently associates himself with Starlinks, a prominent web design company based in Auckland, New Zealand.
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