The statement ‘My favourite hobby is gardening because it is good for our health’ has been proven to be right

October 3, 2017

Remember the time when your English teacher assigned you a task to write about your favourite hobby? And many students of your age mentioned gardening as their favourite hobby, and you wondered why? Well, because gardening is a both pleasurable as well as a soothing activity. It lets you spend some time with nature, leaving a very positive impact on your heath. See how gardening helps you to improve your health:


Stress Relief


One of the most significant health benefits of gardening is that it provides you relief from stress. The process of gardening is so soothing that it allows you to be more relaxed and comfortable. It lets you experience fresh air that has a very positive impact on your health. It boosts up your immune system function and make you enable to be more productive in terms of gardening as there is nothing more powerful in the world than nurturing a plant from seed to a fruit-bearing plant.  And that is exactly what gardening teaches you to do. Even studies have shown that after spending a day at your workplace for a longer time, the process of nurturing your garden and getting your hands messy in the dirt, decreases the cortisol levels (stress hormone) in your body.


Physical Activity


One of the most important health benefit is that it keeps you moving. It provides you all the workout that you need. It is a fun, exciting, goal-oriented, and a pleasurable activity. This is the reason why most of the people get stick to it. The amount of exertion that is required for gardening depends on the size and area of garden. The larger the garden is, the more the exertion there will be. Garden is not like a pumping iron that it will get done within a minute. It is a whole process where you are busy in hauling wheelbarrows of dirt, pruning, shoveling or mowing. Though these activities have nothing to do with curing cardiovascular diseases but activities like weeding, planning and digging have so much to do with cardiovascular diseases as they require strength, and for older people, it is really difficult to channelize the strength so when they get engaged in gardening, their blood starts pumping more, thereby strengthening them to cope with the disease.




One of the other health benefits of gardening is that gardening relieves you from depression. Dir contains mycobacterium vaccae, a natural antidepressant that increases the cytokine levels in your body, which in turns boosts up the production of serotonin. That is why people who are suffering from mental illnesses are advised to go for horticultural therapy, a garden that is full of scented fruits, vegetables and flowering plants to nurture all their senses. Not only it provides them visual aesthetic appeal but also provides them refreshing scent of flowers while giving them nutritional benefits. It also fosters a sense of satisfaction and confidence and boosts up the self-esteem. Therefore, gardening is highly recommended to everyone as gardening is one of those few hobbies that can nourish both a person’s heart as well as his mind.


Author Bio:  Cherish Kevin is the writer of this article Assignment Writing Service she lives in London and functions as a Computer Engineer in a privately owned business she is a craftsman and plays guitar in his extra time.

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