Redesign Your App and Enhance App Engagement

May 31, 2018

The world is moving fast and so does the technological advances. We change our minds in an instant and skip to better alternatives provided to us in within a second whether in case of goods or apps. In the era of smartphones, every minute 1.7 apps are launched, approximately. You can imagine the competition in this market where we usually stick to 26-30 apps in an average for our use.
Need for Redesigning
To keep your app in demand in this market you need to keep up with the flickering trends and ongoing advancements within your targeting audience. Redesigning your mobile app with current drift and accordingly improving its transformation rate has become way too important for business owners.

Importance of Mobile App Engagement

Mobile app redesigning requires a lot of thought and processing through it, thus the reason behind taking this step must be really worth it. One of the most basic reasons for app redesigning is to enhance the user experience. The more your app is user friendly; the extent of your users will heighten. Involvement of your audience is as much important as any other business factor. If you fail to engage your user, they might switch to other apps for better experience and you’ve got to refrain from let it happen.

Charm them with Warm Welcome!

First impression is the last impression! You need to welcome your user with all the creativity you hold. Getting on board with sophistication and simplicity is the key. You must land with a clean and informative page to be clear with the users so as to avoid any kind of confusion which may turn off your clients. For example, if you’re redesigning your app, focusing on teenagers you might want to attract them with catchy stuff that is trendy in the teens.

Two-way communication is a must

Everything you do, you do for your users. It is important for you to communicate with your users whilst you give a thought to redesigning your app. Interaction will help you to understand what you want to accomplish with the task at hand. You have to act on the feedback to keep the users interested and make them trust you for their interest.

Stick to the Basic Principles

Go for a functional mobile app interface! Clarity, consistency, familiarity and breathing space are the key characteristics for a successful mobile app redesign. While going through the changes you make in your app, remember to keep the features your users love about your app. A sense of familiarity ties your user to your content. Do not get pushy with push notifications, give them space to breathe.

Implement Social Sharing
People spend most of their time on social media these days; so, check your app to integrate social hooks into your app. Tying up their social media profiles makes user more confident about your app and increase the social sharing of your app in that platform as well. Your app offers an enhanced experience and generates additional interest by offering a social sharing feature.

Checking this list, you are all set ready to get on board with redesigning you app. So, Get set and Go!

Author Bio: Colleen Jansen is a digital marketing expert in Quy Technologies, a leading Virtual Reality App Development company which provides Vr App for Education, Real estate, healthcare, Ecommerce industry across the global. She loves to write on latest mobile trends, mobile technologies, startups and enterprises.

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