Essay Writing Tips That Will Help You To Improve Your Writing Skills

March 9, 2020

An essay is a paper or essay in the form of prose that describes an issue from the author’s personal perspective in a direct and cursory manner. Essays can contain opinions about things, ideals, expressing thoughts based on observation and so on.

Another understanding of the essay is a composition made of several paragraphs. Each paragraph has a set of sentences that are connected to the given topic. A good essay usually headlines and consists of a minimum of three paragraphs.

In writing a good English essay you need to pay attention to several things. Writing an essay is actually not difficult but if you have a liquid amount of time it could be a difficult thing to do. You even may think “write my essay for me” . But, don’t panic and pay attention to the following:


Choose the topic to be discussed

Make clear points about what we will include in the essay

Make an outline or outline

Elaborate every point and outline that has been made into an essay

Steps in Making an Essay


Essays are written based on the basic topics that have been given. But before writing an essay we can do the following steps:


1. Make more time to think about and understand the topics you specify. Study carefully, unless you have mastered the topic. This will help you determine the points that can be entered into the essay.


2. Ask questions about the essay and find the answers.


Example questions as follows:


Is the title of the essay relevant?


Are there some relevant material to be used as essay material?


3. You can refer to several sources of information and literature such as books, media, or other people who have the capability or experience to do so to get the information you need.


4. Write down and write down the ideas and information as points that can be used to compile the outline or outline of the essay. These points don’t have to be sticky sentences but can help you to start writing your essay.


5. Arrange the points into a series that matches your essay. A good series of essays consists of a minimum of three parts namely:


The introduction or initial section

The core or middle (body / main topic)

The concluding part or the end (conclusion)

Or you can use another arrangement according to the discussion you want to build for the reader. Do it carefully.


Understanding the Essay Sections


1. Introduction


Is the beginning of the essay and contains an introduction to give readers an idea of the whole essay. The purpose of the introductory paragraph is to introduce the reader to the topic to be discussed so that usually the form of this paragraph is shorter than the other paragraphs.


2. Body (Main Topic)


The core (body) is the part that contains the description and details of the topics presented. This section is the main part of an essay after being preceded by an introduction.


The core section can consist of several paragraphs for a long essay, with one main topic discussed in each paragraph. But for a short essay, the core part usually consists of only one paragraph with a few simple or brief ideas in it.


This core section can contain reasons, examples, quotes, statistical data, opinions or stories and experiences from the author himself.


3. Conclusion (Ending)


The closing or ending part of the essay is the most important part of an essay. After elaborating the details of the topic at the core (body) of the essay, a good concluding part is needed so that the reader can draw conclusions well from the essay.


The concluding section contains a summary of the essay and presents important points of the topic, as well as expressing the opinions and views of the author himself. If the cover is not arranged properly, the essay that has been well described will end up with less interest.

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