BigBasket Clone for Your Grocery Delivery Venture amid CoVid19

May 20, 2022

Amid the lockdown that has put the entire world to a standstill it has also brought to the forefront new forms of business mostly the unconventional ones like the on demand delivery. Who could have ever thought that this quarantine would actually lead to optimism for the grocery delivery industry and apps like BigBasket.
The popular app from India has seen itself making enormous revenues especially after the CoVid19 outbreak.
Also, it has ensured that the deliveries keep going. So would you like to know how the app is making the same possible?
So, here’s the same explained below.
Presenting You the Way BiigBasket Makes Deliveries Going Amid CoVid19
a. Forming chains with local grocery stores to ensure swift deliveries
b. Segregating the delivery networks into smaller forms to make sure remote areas also receive deliveries
c. Encouraging contactless deliveries to keep safety of customers and delivery drivers as priority
d. Making offline orders available to make sure deliveries keep going
Thus, through all these measures, BigBasket has gone onto ensuring deliveries keep going no matter what and also at the same time encouraging those who wish to set up a new one build similar apps.
However, it is understandable that when the entire world is going through a crisis that you as a startup may feel tensed how would you go about setting up your business venture? Well, let us just put it this way. Adversities come and they go but the business should go on. So, when you have set your mind on it we at V3Cube will make sure to bring it to fruition. This is with our BigBasket clone.
Here’s how we do it.
How We at V3Cube Will Ensure to Support You in Your Grocery Delivery Venture amid Quarantine with Our BigBasket Clone
With our customizable white-labelled BigBasket clone that is ready to be launched within four days only, though you may not be physically there, as soon as you provide us with your requirements via a call, an email or Skype, we will make sure to get the same done for you and delivered within four days only.
Apart from all this, we will provide you a customizable source code that can be personalized as per your business needs.
Look, we understand well the sentiments attached with the setup of a new business venture. Thus, our after sales support team is there to handle all your queries and address them in the best possible manner.
Also, since most of our calls and communication is handled through virtual mediums like calls, emails, etc, you don’t even have to be physically here as whenever you place us a call or contact us we are going to be there to support you in your dreams and ensure that no matter what your safety is kept at the topmost priority.
We understand that the world is going through a crisis but we also want your business to reach to the level of fruition. So, take optimism from this quarantine and contact us immediately to take the plunge into a profitable grocery delivery business with our BigBasket clone and making your dreams come true right from Day 1!

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