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September 7, 2021

What does an online medicine website mean to you? To me, it means Truemeds!

You may ask, why only Truemeds? Obviously, there are more than a hundred websites available for buying medicines.

Even if an online medicine ordering app is registered by the government and follows all the protocols, it cannot compete with the homely feeling that you get from Truemeds.

You all understand the feeling you get when you go to your known local pharmacy. You know the pharmacist for years and always receive a warm welcome whenever you visit him. Or when you fall ill and how your parents treat you or get you medicines. The warmness you receive is the reason why you trust them and lean on them.

The warmth you get from them is the same you receive when buying medicines from Truemeds. Truemeds is the most reliable and homely online medicine ordering app in India.

Buying medicine from an online medicine website is as easy as buying chocolate from a local store. But, the reason that attracts you to the same online medicine website always makes the difference.

The reason why we all should buy from the online medicine ordering app of Truemeds are:

Among several e-pharmacies on the internet, only a few are registered by the government of India. The online medicine ordering app of Truemeds is registered and recognized by the registrar of companies (RoC-Kanpur).
The online medicine website sells true-labeled CDSCO tested and approved medicines. Truemeds follow the guidelines on selling medicines and do not sell expired, diluted, false-labeled, or fake medicines.
Truemeds is an online medicine ordering app that sells medicine with valid prescriptions by GP. it understands the misuse of medicines and confirms and consults the customer about it.
The online medicine ordering app provides an option of a free consultation with the doctor. The doctor consults you about your health and ongoing medicines, specially designed for people who find it difficult to talk to the doctor face-to-face.
Truemeds provide a cash-on-delivery option with other payment options. You can choose cash on delivery for your convenience and trust anytime.
The medicine delivery of this online medicine website or app is safe and fast. The executives deliver fully sanitized medicines within 48-72 hours of your order with no contact option.
Customer support of the online medicine ordering app is competent and reliable. In case of an issue, the executives resolve it quickly. Returns and refunds are easily done with Truemeds.
Truemeds treats their customer with the utmost respect and warmness and makes sure that we order and receive the medicines as conveniently as possible.
Order Medicines Online With Discounts Up To 72%Order Medicines Online With Discounts Up To 72% Please rate this website.
Truemeds is India’s 1st e-Pharmacy that guarantees to reduce your medicine costs up to 72%. We only supply medicines from India’s top 50 medicine makers, to guarantee our users the best quality. All of our orders go through the most rigid checks to ensure that the correct medicines are supplied to our users. Our proprietary Triple Check (TC) flow makes sure every order is checked by a Doctor, Pharmacist & our proprietary AI-based Algorithm.

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