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September 22, 2021

Hello Guy, if are keen to know about online medicine delivery apps, then you are at the right place because here we will review some of the best Online Medicine Delivery Apps in India.

There are many websites or Apps from where you can Buy medicine online in India, so you don’t have to wait in queue in front of the pharmacy.

You can upload a picture of your prescription with your smartphone camera on those app or websites and the medicine will be delivered to your home as soon as possible.

If you are running a small or large pharmaceutical company offline, you have an incredible opportunity to use it online as demand for medical stores and apps in India will rise in the near future and is already rising day by day.

New online drug ordering apps offer attractive discounts and attract a large customer base. You can find discounts of up to 10%-60% on some medications, and the app is available for both iOS and Android users.

According to medical data analytics firm Tracxn, more than 60% of online pharmacies operating in India supply medicines via websites and apps. So, here we selected some of the Best Online Medicine Delivery Apps In India from where you can purchase medicines online.

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#1. Apollo 247
Discount and Offers of Apollo 247 App
Pros and Cons of Apollo 247 App
#2. Netmeds
Discount and Offers of Netmeds App
Pros and Cons of Netmeds App
#3. 1mg
Discount and Offers of 1mg App
Pros and Cons of 1mg App
#4. Practo
Discount and Offers of Practo App
Pros and Cons of Practo App
#5. PharmaEasy
Discounts and Offers of Pharmeasy App
Pros and Cons of Pharmeasy App
#6. Truemeds
Discounts and Offers of TrueMeds App
Pros & Cons of TrueMeds App
#7. BookMeds
Discount and Offers of BookMeds App
Pros and Cons of BookMed App
#8. SastaSundar
Discount and Offers of SastaSundar App
Pros and Cons of SastaSundar App
Final Words
Frequently Asked Questions
#1. Apollo 247

Best Online Medicine Delivery Apps
Apollo Pharmacy is a popular offline store that exists in all major Indian cities. In recent years, Apollo Pharmacy has risen to the top of the pharmacy industry by leveraging its influence in the medical industry. It now offers doctor consultations and medicine sales through its Apollo Pharmacy 247 app.

With the Apollo 247 application, they want to make Buy medicine online with discount in India. The app provides information on the medicine, its dosage, and how to take it. It also includes a price checker and a listing of nearby pharmacies or you can order online.

The Apollo 247 app gives you the opportunity to reach out or talk to pharmacologists before placing an order. They can help with any questions, or recommend the best product for what you need.

Discount and Offers of Apollo 247 App
There are many offers and discounts that Apollo Pharmacy.

With Pharmeasy, you never have to worry that you’re running out of your medication. You can always find a pharmacy near you and order what you need with just a few taps on your phone.

The order is delivered to customers within 24-48 hours approximately (According to location), which is faster than ever. It also helps you adhere to medication and replenishes your medication once a month.

Discounts and Offers of Pharmeasy App
Pharmeasy provides very amazing Discounts on almost every medicines also there several offers available and also it provides cash back too. You can grab 20% Off + 20% cashback on your first purchase. You can use this promo code for first transaction. promo – SAFETYFIRST

If you want the latest discounts and offers, visit the official website of Pharmeasy: pharmeasy.in/offers

Pros and Cons of Pharmeasy App

20% Off + 20% cashback on first purchase (promo – SAFETYFIRST)
Exclusive discounts and offers
Online doctor consultation on video call (Paid)
Cashback on lab test
All medicines available

Free delivery only for Plus membership users
Download Now
#6. Truemeds
TrueMeds Logo
Best online Medicine Delivery Apps
Truemeds is one of the Best Online Medicine Delivery Apps In India and making health care simple, accessible and affordable is the goal of truemeds, one of India’s largest e-health platforms. The company can deliver medicine packages to 29 states and more than 4,000 cities in India means almost All over India.

The company has expanded its offerings to include supplements by making it standard and removing any ambiguities on the subject. This has helped them become a leader in the industry and attract new customers.

Truemeds goal is to make your life easier. They want to make it possible for you to buy the things that you need, when you need them. You can even see what’s in stock before making a purchase. Well, almost every time all the medicines and healthcare products are available to purchase.

Discounts and Offers of TrueMeds App
As like other medicine applications, TrueMeds also offers a variety of discounts and coupon codes through which you can grab discounts and cashbacks. Well, on your every purchase you will get flat 20% off. also you can save up to 72% on every purchase of medicines.

There are many more varieties of offers available on the website: www.truemeds.in To read more follow the link https://hotofer.com/online-medicine-delivery-apps/

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