I tried to get valuable information and when I was trying I found this site

December 16, 2019

Being a broken student myself, I finally found a good part-time job by the end of my third year of studies. I had a dilemma – either to accept the job offer and compromise my grades, or reject a job offer and finish the studies at the 90th percentile.

Wait, but why should I compromise my career for the sake of getting a shitty piece of paper called diploma? Why should I give up work experience for the sake of fitting society’s expectations if I can take it all?

I started using the paper writing services by outsourcing the easiest papers I had, i.e. 1-2-page coursework. Every time I received my paper written by someone else I proofread it carefully and did my own edits just to maintain the writing style my professors got used to. Some writing services were bad, some were awesome, and some were expensive. In my search for the best “money – quality – value” balance the idea to run a website about my endeavors came to my mind.
Is Extraessaylegit? It is said in the FAQ that their service if legal and it is not prohibited using it. The company offers papers for money and tries to assure us that using their services is absolutely safe.

As always, the website’s design is a matter of taste. For me, the combination of grey and blue colors works really great. At the same time, I admit that for someone, this website may seem a little bit dull. Anyway, the website’s front page offers sufficient information about the service, gotta admit that. It contains the price calculator, some FAQs, samples of their works, guarantee section and a buy course option.
The order form of the website is quite simple and adequate despite the fact that I didn’t like the fonts of the order form. Anyway, if you’re not a snob like me, the order form won’t be an issue for you. It has all the required fields for you to choose the type of work, the deadline, the academic level, etc. and successfully pay for the order.
Remember I told you that you won’t find any information about the discounts offered by these guys? I don’t really like that they keep their discount policy a secret; but, I like that the Support Team shared this info with me. In short, you can have a 10% Extraessay discount code for your first order and you can accumulate a discount percentage with each order you make consequently.
With your 25th order, it is promised that these guys will give you a 15% discount, which is not bad, right?
Moreover, their prices are quite affordable. Check the screenshot above, where the prices are illustrated. As you can see, depending on the deadline and academic level, you can find different prices for almost all budgets.
As you remember, I had to send the paper for revision two times because the paper was not proofread carefully and attentively. Eventually, it helped to get a better paper. And it’s really good that ExtraEssay provides revisions within 10 days after the order’s approval.
It’s good that they are willing to revise their papers for free. It’s not good that I didn’t have a chance to receive a decent paper from the first try.
Not a long time ago, I had to make a report about strategical management. I tried to get valuable information and when I was trying I found this site after reading extraessay reviews on writingpapersucks.com. I could not even imagine, how it can help me. There I found a lot of usefull content which helped me to compose my report. Many thanks to technical support team. They are all professionals of their job. In a future I will advise this site to all my friends.

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