Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction That Have Been Proven And Supported By Science

October 21, 2021

Erectile dysfunction affects men of all ages, but it is more common in older men due to the increased risk of disorders associated with ageing, such as diabetes and a weakened cardiovascular system.


This disorder causes sexual problems in males since it prevents them from getting erections, even when they are sufficiently aroused and have a strong desire to make love to their spouse.

Erectile dysfunction can have modest to moderate symptoms, such as lower erections and a sudden loss of desire in establishing a physical interaction with your spouse.


The physical effects of erectile dysfunction are clear, but the problem also causes a man to doubt his own manhood, making him feel inadequate or damaged. These self-doubts and body-image difficulties can have a detrimental impact on your life, and if erectile dysfunction and the circumstances that accompany it are not treated properly and on time, it can leave your romantic connection or marriage in jeopardy. Due to a lack of sexual fulfilment from the committed partner or husband, many marriages end in divorce, adultery, and extramarital affairs.


The good news is that medical science has demonstrated that there are numerous ways to treat erectile dysfunction in men, allowing them to enjoy a healthy and sexually rewarding life with their partner in every way.


When a man is diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, the first line of treatment is always the prescription of oral pills like Super Fildena or Super Vidalista, which are easy to use and provide the fastest relief of all the erectile dysfunction therapies.


PDE5 inhibitors such as Cenforce 100 Sildenafil citrate, Tadalafil, Avanafil, and Vardenafil are found in all oral medicines prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The same tablet will never include two PDE5 inhibitors; for example, the drug Fildena 100 only contains one PDE5 inhibitor, which is Sildenafil citrate.

Similarly, contains Vardenafil, whereas Tadarise relies on Vidalista 20 Tadalafil to provide long-lasting relief.

PDE5 inhibitors will only treat erectile dysfunction if the source of the problem is a lack of blood flow to the penile shaft due to constricted blood vessels or insufficient nitric oxide generation in the body during arousal.


If low levels of testosterone in your body are the source of your erection problem, your doctor may prescribe penile injections or testosterone, as well as a diet and exercises to increase testosterone production in your body.


Certain cases of erectile dysfunction are severe enough to necessitate surgeries and penile implants, which can be expensive when compared to other erectile dysfunction therapies.

If the reason of your ailment is linked to mental health issues like anxiety, depression, or even an inferiority complex, your doctor may recommend talk therapy or counselling as a therapeutic option. The wonderful part about situations with psychological roots is that if the underlying problem is addressed, erectile dysfunction can be entirely restored.


Apart from these treatments, men who are unable to take alternative therapies such as oral drugs due to a variety of factors such as advanced age or bad heart health may be administered penile pumps.

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