Ground Mount Solar vs. Rooftop Solar

February 20, 2019

One question that we keep hearing again and again, “What is better, rooftop or ground mount solar?”

Many homeowners get into this dilemma of choosing the best for their solar requirement, but as a point of fact, both rooftop and ground mounted solar panels have their own advantages. This write-up will help you decide, which will be the best choice for you.

Ground Mount Solar Vs. Rooftop Solar

Ground mount solar panels come with many advantages that make them preferable over rooftop solar. One obvious advantage is that you don’t need to have any holes in your roof, as excess holes in the roof can lead to leaks and even higher maintenance costs, if solar mounting is not done properly.

Besides this, there are many other aspects that you would like to mull over.

  • Your roof may not have the best angle to maximize solar energy production. In such a case, solar panels on ground can be of a great help to you. They can be ideally placed wherever you want them to be.
  • Solar panels work best when they are dust free and ground mount solar can be serviced and maintained without any hassles.
  • Solar panels should be kept cool and ground mount systems provide a lot of room to the photovoltaic system to allow air to circulate freely.
  • If you are planning on future expansion, the rooftop solar might not give you room for expansion, but solar panel on ground can be expanded without any problem.

On the other hand, rooftop solar gives you all these benefits.

  • While ground mount solar might be easy to access, clean and troubleshoot, the installation is more labor intensive and expensive. On the contrary, rooftop solar installation labor cost is lower.
  • Rooftop solar is easier to permit and requires fewer materials to install.
  • Rooftop solar utilizes unused space on the rooftop and is aesthetically pleasing to everyone.

Saving on Energy Costs

Whether you are getting your solar mounted on your rooftop or on the ground, one thing is for sure, lower energy bills. This is one of the best things about solar power systems. No matter, how much you pay per month for your electricity, you tend to save a lot on your monthly bill for electricity.

Solar plus storage is an added advantage that allows you to use power during outages. This one-time investment pays for itself through lower power bills within five to seven years. So, find the best solar power system for your unique property and start saving money today.

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