Your Commercial Solar Panels On A Cloudy Day

October 7, 2019

You would have wondered many a times that how much energy would your solar system generate during a cloudy day. Isn’t it? While of course commercial solar panels need sunlight to produce energy, but cloudy conditions do not affect the efficiency of solar energy generation. However, partial shade can impact the solar system power output and your panels may produce less power depending upon their quality and efficiency.


Cloudy Day & Solar Energy Generation


Solar panels can produce electricity on cloudy days, but depending on the cloud cover and the quality of your commercial solar panels, the efficiency can drop by 10 to 25 percent.


These days, most of the manufacturers use cells with a unique design which can capture a broader range of the sunlight. These panels make more energy than conventional solar panels on a cloudy day. This is what makes them a good choice for cloudy climates or when trees partially shade your roof during certain times of day.


In addition to this, some commercial solar systems include a “backside mirror” in the cells, where a thin layer of aluminum is used. This layer bounces some of the light photons which are not absorbed on their first pass, which results in greater output of electrons from the same input of light.


What do Solar Panels Use to Generate Electricity?  


Commercial solar power is generated when solar PV panels convert sunlight to direct current (DC) and then an inverter turns it into alternating current (AC). If there is sufficient sunlight that your solar system produces far more electricity than you need, then the AC power goes back to the grid so that it can be used by the utility. In many areas, this offers the homeowner a credit via net metering. However, net metering policies vary state by state, but it gives the credit for excess power you produce. So, as the owner you can draw on that credit when your system produces less due to cloudy weather.


Therefore, if it is a cloudy day, you shouldn’t darken anyone’s view toward considering switching to commercial solar power.


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