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December 6, 2020

We are living in the age of advanced and human-to-human marketing era where there are tons of marketing methods and tactics are available. Be it social media marketing, PPC ads, or running YouTube ads, the options are enormous. But among those, one such marketing that drives the maximum amount of traffic and trust is influencer marketing. An industry-specific influencer not only helps you connect with the right potential buyers but also establishes trust on your behalf. A good digital marketing company can get you going with professional influencer marketing.

Why is influencer marketing brings higher RoI?

Word of mouth and trust are the two main factors behind customers making a purchase. Almost 25 to 50 % of all buying actions are inspired by word of mouth. People depend on word of mouth often when they are purchasing a service or a product for the first time or paying a lot of money for a new company.

Research shows that word of mouth publicity makes double the number of sales of paid marketing. Customers are more inclined to trust that influencer who gives an official review of that new product rather than a paid endorsement.

Influencers are so efficient because their word of mouth game is strong and they enjoy a massive fan following on social media. Influencers are next door people like us but with a strong grip on a specific topic. They openly share their opinions over products and people from their fanbase are more likely to buy their products. That’s why more than 25% percent of customers are more likely to buy a product endorsed by an influencer. On this note, let’s have a look at how influencer marketing can help in generating more traffic and sales for your business.

Higher leads and conversions

When influencers discuss your business and products associated with you, they’re providing an endorsement and it can be both in a direct and indirect manner. This totally depends on your marketing strategy on how an influencer should promote your brand.

A strong recommendation of your business signals to their followers that you are genuine and a good to trust business. It drives more people to check out your website and gives you the possibility to nurture those leads into sales. Be it a YouTube video or an Instagram post, they can drive a significant amount of traffic to your landing page from where you can grow your RoI.

Enhanced brand recognition

Potential customers become informed of your company because influencers are placing you at the front of the frame that is being viewed by thousands or even millions of people. Influencers put you in front of a new audience, which means you get more targeted traffic and better potential buyers in a matter of just a few hours.


This type of fast track brand recognition can only be created with influencer marketing and it brings in a higher return on investment. A digital marketing company can help you out in this type of marketing and connect you with the right person.

More credibility

Influencers are contending for the quality of your company with their existing trust and fan base. Since the influencers are previously trusted, they get their followers to trust you and your brand. It shows customers that you are a reliable business because a trusted influencer is promoting your business.

It takes years to build this type of credibility and in this case, you are leveraging the influencer’s credibility to drive sales to your business. This is the best marketing strategy you can opt for if your budget allows you to do so. Influencer marketing is not that expensive that most people think, all you need to identify the right person with a sufficient number of followers.

What to expect as results?

If you choose to use influencer marketing to boost your brand, you will get some excellent advantages for your company that will last long. Influencers provide a great ROI for your company with their already built audience base.

To give you a perspective, for every $1 spent in influencer marketing, your company can generate approx $5.53 in return. This simply means that your ROI can be 553% or more as compared to other forms of paid marketing. This kind of investment is worth your hard-earned money that drives higher sales and instant brand recognition.

Influencers can reach thousands or even millions of people, including the potential customers that are in your target market plan. As traffic will increases, sales will eventually grow. This is the best form of paid marketing you can opt for and we highly recommend you to go for influencer marketing.

Get a consultation from a professional digital marketing company and start getting a higher return on investment and brand credibility. And, as this type of marketing lets you present your services or products in various manners including direct or indirect marketing, there is nothing like spamming people.





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