Details about the ISO Certification in Lagos. The ISO standards are international norms

June 9, 2021

Details about the ISO Certification in Lagos

The ISO standards are international norms developed and published by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO). The ISO was founded on 23 February 1947 and is composed of representatives from many national standards organizations. It is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, and employed in over 165 countries.

Types of ISO certification in Lagos

There are thousands of ISO standards. Some of the most popular, global, and generic ISO Certification in Lagos are:

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 in Lagos sets out the requirements for a quality management system. Globally, more than a million companies and organizations in over 170 countries have already certified to ISO 9001.

ISO 9001 is based on several quality management principles such as robust client focus, leadership, the process method, and continual improvement. Complying with this standard ensures that your products and services are of the best quality, which instills confidence in your existing and new clients and overall increasing your business performance.

ISO 45001

The International Labor Organization estimations that every year about 2.3 million lives are lost due to work-related accidents or diseases, which is over 6000 deaths every single day. Along with this, there are over 340 million occupational accidents and 160 million work-related illnesses annually.

All these deaths and injuries and illnesses could and should have been prevented. ISO 45001 in Lagos is the standard for Occupational Health and Safety that will help ensure safety at the workplace.

ISO 27001

The business world along with Information technology is growing rapidly. With this growth, there is always competition and it becomes essential for any organization to protect all its information.

ISO 27001 in Lagos sets out criteria for an Information Security Management System that ensures that all the data and information, whether physical or electronic, are safe and secure and away from misuse.

ISO 22000

All organizations under the food sector have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their food products irrespective of their size or type of product.

ISO 22000 in Lagos sets out the requirement for a Food Safety Management System that ensures that all the food products and services are not harmful and of good quality. It also provides an extra layer of reassurance to the customers and business partners and builds trust and helps grow the business.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 stipulates the requirements for an Environmental Management System that ensures that the organization is not impacting the environment negatively. With the rise in global warming, all organizations must follow this standard so they are not making any unchangeable alterations to the environmental factors.

Note: All the mentioned ISO standards can be applied to any organization regardless of its size or nature of the occupation.

The need for ISO in Lagos

Lagos is the third-largest city in Africa and the most populous city in Nigeria with a population estimated at 14,862,111 as of 2021. It is one of the fastest-growing cities and is a major financial center for all of Africa and houses one of the busiest and largest seaports on the continent.

Currently, Lagos is known for being a business-oriented and fast-paced community and is also becoming a major tourist destination for its beach resorts, nightlife, and activities.

It is rapidly improving on the business front as well as tourism front and therefore organizations in the country will be able to greatly benefit from the ISO Certification in Lagos.

Get ISO Certified and stand out in the global market!

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is only involved in the course of developing ISO standards and does not provide certification services; this is done by external bodies.

Finecert is an ISO certification and consultation body that can help organizations get ISO Certification in Lagos. We are a leading ISO Consultancy with highly experienced consultants who can help you get certified without any hassle in the given time.

Finecert employs a very transparent and cost-effective approach. Integrity is of utmost virtue to us and we abide by it. We wish to build a long-term relationship with our clients by providing continual service even after the entire certification process is completed.

To get ISO certification in Lagos, you can contact us at [email protected] for further queries or visit and check all the services we provide in many regions worldwide.

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