Why Running Multiple WordPress Firewalls is a Bad Idea

January 8, 2019

Every website owner needs security for their website. Firewall provide this security to your website. But the question arises that multiple firewalls are more safe than single or it harms the website. The answer is it depends on your website. Running multiple firewalls in a multi-tiered web farm? Yes, definitely is a good idea to secure your site. But running multiple firewalls for a single WordPress installation? That’s will slow down your site. Many developers recommend you to use multiple firewalls but trust me it is a very bad idea. Why I am saying this, there is a reason behind it. So I am explaining the reason below.

Firewall is used to secure your site. Firewall established in between your site and the internet and it rectifies all the traffic which comes to your site. It verifies all the request which are coming to your site and if the request is legitimate then it allows to your site else reject the request. To enable the firewall to your site, you can use any personal WordPress theme or plugin which are easily available on the internet.

Now its time to move towards the topic.
1. Slow down your website:- when you install multiple firewalls on your website. It will take more time to filter the request and take more time to verify it. Its effect on your site is very bad because when a visitor comes to your website and it takes more time to load, then visitor leave your site and go for another website. It will impact on your other visitors and the result will be clearly shown in your revenue.

2. Need more update:- it is very obvious that you have to update your website regularly so that it will more safe but when you have multiple firewalls and you have to update them. Then you have more chance to get hack because many firewall and theme provider add malicious code to their product and this is the way that hacker can come to your website and can get access to it. The more you connect on the internet, the more chance of attack created.

3. Increase chance of hacking:- when multiple firewalls are on and they all are doing the same work then it depends more on the setting you created for them. Because when many things deploy for the same purpose then they all depend on one another and no one does their own work properly. The same logic works here. When a single firewall work then all the responsibility of it and it works very well and when multiple firewalls are on then all firewall depends on each other and increase the chance of getting hacker into your website.

Choosing a firewall for your website is a very tough task. So before choosing your firewall always check your website and analyze which type of security need for your website and after that choose firewall plugins. I hope you all understand why my suggestion is not for multiple WordPress firewalls.

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