6 *Super Useful* Ipad & Apple Pencil Tips and Tricks!

April 7, 2022

No here i’m going to show you 13 ipad slash apple pencil tips and tricks that are incredibly useful so let’s get started a trick that digital note takers might want to take advantage of is the double tap feature shown on my screen is goodness and you can see that just by tapping my pencil twice i can switch between the pen tool and eraser tool Essay writing in Luton help experts so now i can erase and write things as i please without having to reach up to the toolbar this feature is not exclusive to good notes 5.

It works on apple notes as well as other note-taking apps like notability this is great for having a more seamless note-taking experience and even drawing experience for artists to turn this feature on you simply head to settings tap on apple pencil and options for the double tap feature will appear you can set it to switch between the last tool used or even make it so that it opens the color palette just make sure that you have it toggled on for this feature to work the next trick is also a neat apple pencil feature it involves taking a screenshot by moving the pencil from either bottom corner to the center of the screen which you can then draw over using markup.

This is such a convenient feature for me as i’m not too fond of pressing the lock button and volume up button a neat tip here that you might want to know is that you can actually take a full page screenshot by toggling that feature at the top this is great for people who maybe want to annotate a long article they found on the internet but there isn’t necessarily a pdf to download so of course you can start writing and highlighting on the full page capture using markup another option is to export the screenshot to a note-taking app of your choice like goodnotes 5 and then annotate the document from there something that’s cool to note is that with screen captures ios labels them as screenshots but once you toggle on the full page screenshot the photo that is actually captured becomes a pdf file the next trick is something that i haven’t seen a lot of and it’s the ability to paste between devices which is probably the coolest feature in my opinion as long as you’re signed into the same apple id you can copy things from your ipad and then paste them onto your phone and vice versa there is even a notification at the top that says notes pasted from genesis ipad pro or janus’s iphone this can also be done with handwritten text as well you just use the lasso tool to select the text and paste the handwriting to the other device another thing you can do is take your handwriting and copy as text and when you paste it on your other device it will be pasted as text instead of handwriting you can also use this trick for copying pieces of info from the internet so it’s not exclusive to apple notes now for the next trick i know that most of us are accustomed to using the undo and redo buttons when taking notes or drawing since they’re always there on the app so it just feels natural to reach for them but did you know that you can actually use three fingers to do the same thing you can actually swipe left with three fingers to undo and write to redo so you can actually undo and redo multiple times as well as demonstrated here for this following tip you might notice that you can’t get youtube to play picture-in-picture when using the app to get it to work you actually need to head to the desktop website for youtube navigate to the video that you want to watch and on the top left of the url space you can tap on the letters and in website settings toggle on request desktop website when this is on it prevents the youtube app from opening automatically so now you can full screen your video and on the top left you can tap this icon to get your picture and picture to work while it’s on the screen you can also use your fingers to make the video bigger and pinch it to make it smaller.

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