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February 19, 2022

You’d be reading books about it that could be through videos that can be through podcasts that could be through courses training programs but you got to build a daily habit about learning this going deep not dabbling and trying to consume all this best response essay writing service information about things that aren’t relevant to that one skill focus your energy your attention on that one skill learning about it every single day and then the other hour you’re going to spend actually practicing and applying that high-income skill because you’re always going to learn more by doing then you will just by sitting there and learning and watching informative content.

Okay if you want to get great at basketball you’re going to learn so much more by actually getting on the court bouncing the ball shooting the ball playing the game then you ever will just by sitting there spending hours and hours and from the computer or reading books watching people play basketball the best way to learn is to get into action and practice and develop the skill that goes with any skill out there whether it’s learning a language or a sports or a musical instruments whatever it is you’ve got to practice it daily okay there’s no there’s no way around them so again if it’s content marketing an hour a day watching videos learning studying taking notes going deep buying programs learning as much as you can one hour a day at least and then an hour an hour a day practicing okay that may be might be in an hour a day turning on a camera taking out your phone you know and just practicing hey guys this is Stefan I’m going to create a video today I’m going to share with you.

Some things I learned today about content marketing here’s three tips that can help you tip number one tip number two tip number three practice speaking communicating applying what you’re learning that could also be if it’s not video then maybe practice writing for an hour a day you create your own blog you take out a pen and paper or whatever it is you open up Ever note Microsoft Word and you write an hour a day improving your writing developing this skill okay but you’re actually applying it and practicing it so that you’re getting better every single day that’s how you develop the skill okay so I really want you guys to understand you got to make it a daily practice you got to go deep with it you got to make the time for it you got to prioritize it I recommend first thing in the morning.
So I’ve developed many of these skills publishing and affiliate marketing and some of them a much better that than others because I focus on some every single day others I’ve kind of removed myself from because I don’t need to do it anymore and in some cases it actually holds me back from the primary skills I should focus on that I love the most and brings in the most amount of revenue so bottom line pick one focus on it next piece I’m gonna give you guys a prescription here okay an action plan

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