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May 4, 2022

If you are really looking for Best international Schools in kurnool, Idpskurnool is Best school in kurnool, is here focus on technology, student-centric progress, growth-oriented curriculum, and internationally-relevant programmes for every child’s success.
IDPS is committed to play a key role in shaping the future of the world by grooming future citizens. Idps amenities and facilities, When it comes to transportation, transportation is free from their commute to school, buses equipped with communication devices and drives down to various parts of the city.

A staff of certified teachers are supported children. Engaging, and encourages children to play, learn and grow, IDPS is Best cbse school in kurnool understands the significance of early learning years. Teachers are encourage Students to ask relevant questions and creating a platform to exhibit there internal skills works as a bridge between ideas and implementation. Teachers are well-versed with modern techniques in teaching-learning systems.
Idps Activities, Tool Lab so students can create project models.
Among all schools Idps is best school in kurnool. Contact us by clicking link

International Delhi Public School, Kurnool, offers a plethora of amenities and facilities to pursue education in an undistracted, friendly educational environment. When it comes to transportation, the school provides safe and hassle-free transportation facility for students to commute to-and-from school. Our fleet of buses is equipped with communication devices and drives down to various parts of the city, ensuring that students commute to school comfortably and on time. Every bus has a caretaker to ensure the safety of children in transit, and attend to them in case of any need along the way. Students, on reaching the campus, assemble in the spacious green lounge in front of the school.
Learning and fun that furthers a happy childhood.
IDPS provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere for every child. The curriculum followed during the early years of schooling (Pre-Primary) is pioneering, experimentbased, and enlightening. The emphasis during this stage strengthens a child’s thinking, physical, social and emotional competencies. A staff of certified teachers support children as their role models through quality interaction, direction, observation, and assessment. The imaginatively designed classrooms with excellent resources help foster a positive learning attitude in every child. An exclusive Activity Studio has been designed with learning corners, to help them enjoy the process of learning while playing.

The school is an environment that is warm, engaging, and encourages children to play, learn and grow. IDPS understands the significance of early learning years, as they are crucial for the positive growth of a child and approaches accordingly.

Arming them to experiment with courage, so they evolve.
The comprehensive, thematic, and creative curriculum in the Primary School at IDPS is designed to allow children to explore and enhance their potential. Students are encouraged to identify and ask pertinent questions and construct well-informed answers. They develop knowledge and understanding of subjects through observation, practical activity, exploration and discussions. Teachers adopt a well-defined process with specific learning goals to deliver a deeper understanding of key concepts in every subject. Often, a stage to exhibit their skills is organized, which works as a bridge between ideas and implementation, providing a platform to demonstrate theories using charts and models.

IDPS grooms students during the primary years of schooling, to help them evolve into confident, independent, and positive individuals ready to attempt any challenging task, whether academic or personal.

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