Whiteboard animation video production Create your own Whiteboard animation in easy steps

February 11, 2020

Whiteboard animations are one of the best ways to communicate ideas and influence your target audience to take action. White board animations are often used by business organizations and brands for their marketing strategies. In these animated videos normally an issue is addressed and a solution to that issue is also given with a call to take action.When I was running my own marketing campaign for my brand a couple of years ago I remember I was trying to find out the best ways I could reach my target audience. I wanted something that would be educational, entertaining and interactive at the same time. My marketing manager then asked about how I felt about using a whiteboard animation because the three things I wanted would all be covered in a whiteboard animation video and plus it would be cost effective as well. So the three reasons for me for using them were that whiteboard animations are entertaining, educational and interactive at the same time. What other reasons can there be? The things about whiteboard animations I like is that I could use these animations for getting close to my customers and I have even used these videos in my organization for training purposes and for helping build team work. Normally one of my employees use to create these videos using a whiteboard video maker. Using these videos was something that proved to be very beneficial for the growth and training of my employees and eventually my employees were the ones who worked hard and got my business to a big profit. What other reasons might there be for people to be preferring whiteboard animations over other styles of animations?

While most business organizations prefer to hire a professional company for whiteboard animation video production, some might feel the need to do it themselves too. For such people they can also create whiteboard animations if they follow these easy steps.

Creating the script:

The process of every whiteboard animation video starts with the creation of an engaging and compelling script written creatively paying special attention to the target audience. Your script should include all the ideas and messages you want to deliver to your audience.

Creating a storyboard:

In this phase you will try and make your script visual. You need to demonstrate the script that you have written. You need to do it in a way that will help in reinforcing the script. You need to understand that your storyboard and your script are two things that need to be aligned together.

Animation of the storyboard:

When you are done with the storyboarding you need to execute it into your animation. Let’s just say that your storyboard is a conceptual phase and the animation phase is bring that concept to life. You need to use software that helps you animate easily and that is easy for you to understand and use.

Recording the audio:

This is the step in which you will record the narrations in your whiteboard animation video. A whiteboard animation video is incomplete without the audio narration and you need to ensure the tone of your narration is appropriate to the idea of your story. Make the voice you’re using as interesting as possible because the audio in the whiteboard animation is as important as the visuals.

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