Getting started with fashion: How to develop a sense of style?

August 2, 2021

Getting started with fashion: How to develop a sense of style?

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” – Rachel Zoe
But how do you say what you are with style if you do not have one? Surely, some of you have had this feeling when it comes to fashion & style( This feeling becomes especially strong when at an important milestone in your life. Maybe you are beginning your career or a relationship, or maybe you have just awakened to fashion. No matter what, you now have the want to get started, and you are facing the challenge of beginning from ‘zero’. So, from where to start and how to develop a sense of style?
Well, below are some guided steps to follow to achieve the outcome.
How to develop a sense of style?
• Look at everyone with a fashion lens: You surely having being interacting with various people, watching some shows & movies, following some well-known figures on social media platforms. Many of these may be epitomes of fashion or at least have their style. Your first step should be to properly observe them and other people around you. What they are wearing – how are their clothes, what accessories are they wearing, what are their color combinations, how they carry themselves, etc. Train your eyes to look at all these factors. Now slowly, you’ll find that there will be some people’s fashion styles( that you gravitate towards. When you find a spark of interest, relook properly to find out what you like in the outfit – the color scheme, print, accessory, or the overall look & vibe. Note these down. You may find a pattern within your likes– a specific item/brand/color/designer or something else. Now you are discovering your sense of style.
• Experiment by imitating: Sure, style is the representation of a person. However, you have just started. This is not the stage where you can find your unique style. Instead, the second step should be imitating the looks you like. There are chances you don’t own such pieces of clothing, so make a list and shop. Do shop with comparison sites like GoBazzar to save some money and get your hands on clothing pieces that are hot in the selling. Now, you can copy the looks you want. Do understand that there will be variations as the items may not be the same– the brand may differ, the finish may differ, etc. It may also happen that the look that you liked on someone else doesn’t look quite right on you. This is the reason that you need to be cautious while shopping and not go shopping for too much. As you slowly work on your imitation of looks, you will start to get more confident with your choices and further develop your style. Thus, you can begin to experiment more with your looks. Also, you can ‘impulse buy’ sometimes, but only after you become confident with your sense of style.
• Refer to the trends: The final step is to be aware of the trends and celebrity style around you, keep out a look at fashion magazines. Thus, you can further hone your sense of style, but don’t be restricted by them. Feel free to try something new, break out of your everyday style, tweak your looks further, and maybe break some fashion rules and that too stylishly. Remember that your clothes don’t own you, but you own them. Now that you have developed your own style, be confident enough to carry it and make a statement with your style.
Follow these steps and surely you can develop a sense of style that represents you

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