Critical Essay Writing Needs You to Follow 3 Steps

October 20, 2018

Are you struggling to write critical essays? If yes, then this article will tell you about the 3 crucial elements of writing a critical essay. These elements include reading and summarizing the main arguments, analyzing the arguments, and providing a clear summary of your conclusion.

  1. Reading and Summarizing the Main Points and Arguments

                It is crucial to first read and understand the main opinions of authors and experts in order to make a critical assessment of a piece or work or a subject. So the beginning point in how to write critical essays is to always read and learn as much as possible about the topic. You can acquire your information from several sources—printed books and magazines, online materials, and interviews etc.  

            The next step in how to write critical essays is to summarize the main points and arguments that you have heard or read in your own words. You should put all the summaries that you have made into an initial draft, it will create the base for your critical essay. Make sure you cite all the reference sources along with page numbers, as you move forward.   

            Remember that this is not your completed piece of work. It is merely the first step toward producing an essay. You should undergo all the arguments and criticisms one at a time.     This will help you know how to approach your subject on hand.

  1. Analyzing the Main Points and Arguments

                You can commence your critical analysis by taking each of your main points as one at a      time. This means you must evaluate what is good and bad about each point raised by different authors. You should come up with alternatives providing a better understanding of a subject. The analysis and critique should be backed up by the evidence that you have accumulated during the first step. It is vital that you convey to the readers; the relative merit of statements of each author and viewpoints. To do this, you should have a thorough understanding of the subject.  

  1. Summarizing and Stating the Conclusion

            The last step in how to critical essays is to summarize your main points and arguments and bring them together into a finalize statement that makes it clear about your viewpoint on an essay topic. When summarizing the points of your essay, you should try to demystify in your own words why you have reached a particular conclusion. Remember that you use short sentences where possible, and keep your paragraph very short. It will make it easier for readers to read and absorb your piece of content swiftly. 

If you follow the preceding 3 steps for critical essay writing, then you will be able to come up with a winning critical essay.

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