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May 21, 2022

What is Super P Force?

Super P Force is a medication treating male erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

When all not unusual methods quit to offer the preferred result, and there may be nothing regarded about modern drug treatments and research, it is viable to try to find new information about the first-rate combos of drugs that collectively deliver notable outcomes, now not handiest growing efficiency but also drastically prolonging sexual intercourse.

Contained in Super P Force sildenafil has a powerful effect on easy muscle groups, enjoy them and growing blood float. Thus, upon sexual choice prevalence, all vessels located in the penis are functioning usually and erectile tissues fill with blood right away. Dapoxetine, which is also part of the drug, acts quite differently.

Indication for dapoxetine’s regular use is premature ejaculation, which does not can help you give full pleasure to your associate. With this medicinal drug, strain is reduced, mental barriers are blocked, and it offers a pronounced antidepressant effect.

A combination of these materials in Super P Force coaching gives lasting results and allows you to not simplest please your companion with a firm erection but also considerably prolong the act of love.

Generic is a cutting-edge analog of the famous Viagra drug, which is the exact copy of composition, production technology, performance, and application policies, however, it differs at a far more low-cost price. In comparison with the brand Viagra drug rate, the price for frequent is several instances lower.

The most important purpose of this drug is to repair and maintain regular situations for herbal erectile function. The drug may be used by myself or as a factor of the general remedy route, prescribed with the aid of an expert, aimed at powerful impotence or erectile dysfunction treatment. During many years of generics use, there are first-rate outcomes with a minimal percent of instances while it turned out to be ineffective.


Super P Force drugs for oral management are swallowed with half a glass of water forty mins earlier than sex. 160 mg is the maximal allowed everyday dose. If your doctor has prescribed you a smaller dosage or you are taking the drug for the primary time, then divide a pill into portions.

But anyway, the medicine can handiest be used for 24 hours. Remember that growth in top-quality dosage will not lead to superior impact, but can cause overdose and severely reported facet results. Neither sildenafil nor dapoxetine can’t be blended with alcohol. This will no longer handiest put off all sexual strategies, and deliver a high-quality load to the body but can purpose extreme accidents.

Do now not take the medicinal drug on a complete stomach. This will lessen its effectiveness. Today Super P Force is considered the maximum effective and present-day drug among its analogs. Even with renal and hepatic tissues, the drug continues its effectiveness and no longer has poor effects on those organs. For older patients dosage adjustment is not required.


Symptoms: pronounced aspect outcomes described within the Side Effects phase. Furthermore, there may additionally appear erection lasting over four hours – priapism. Reasons: exceeding maximal allowed dosage or exceeding the maximal amount of lively materials – 160mg a day. Active substances awareness within the blood will increase to an unacceptable stage if the drug is taken extra than as soon as within 24 hours.

Overdose can occur with the aid of a twist of fate while a consumer accidentally takes a larger dose than ordinary. Therefore, you have to be cautious whilst taking remedies.

to Do in Case of Overdose?

In this situation, you ought to forestall taking capsules. If viable, carry out belly lavage with a weak manganese solution.

During drug checks, ugly sensations that befell men disappeared on their own after a brief length. If a patient isn’t getting better, you want to are seeking for clinical assistance. After visual examination expert will rent several analyzes and based totally on the consequences will prescribe a suitable remedy.

Side Effects

sleep issues;
nasal mucosa swelling;
facial redness;
lack of appetite;
temporary blurred imaginative and prescient.

If these signs stay for a few hours, touch your physician. If there may be hypersensitivity to drug lively materials, sufferers whinge approximately the acute manifestation of allergies. All side outcomes are temporary and disappear quite quickly.


ischemic neuropathy.

The drug is forbidden for youngsters, women, beneath-age boys, and guys over 70. Reduce dosage or chorus from receiving the method in case you be afflicted by cardiac or vascular sicknesses and renal insufficiency. Super P Force ought to be used with caution using folks, characterized by using congenital or received anatomical penis deformities (fibroma, angulation, etc.).

Refrain from receiving the drug in case you have sicknesses associated with hemorrhages. Before remedy, it is important to recognize for certain that you no longer have a hypersensitivity or hypersensitive reaction to Super P Force energetic substances. When taking the drug exclude antidepressants, antiviral pills, and materials like nitric oxide and nitrates in special manifestations.

Drug Interactions

Erythromycin, cimetidine, and ketoconazole lessen sildenafil clearance and boom its attention in blood. Consult a doctor before taking Super P Force in combination with such drugs as:

manner based totally on nitrates (such as nitroglycerine);
calcium channel blockers;
alpha- or beta-blockers;
antibiotics (such as erythromycin);
tablets for AIDS;
nutrients and minerals;
arrangements based on medicinal herbs.

Discuss along with your doctor the opportunity of simultaneous reception of those pills collectively with Super P Force.

Probably no person could argue that Super P Force is a tablet. It is a remedy. And the use of alcohol with any drug treatments is unwanted, if not contraindicated. By the manner, commands for Super P Force use say that it can’t be taken together with anticoagulants. And alcohol simply belongs to this organization.

Alcohol consumption reduces the preferred effect of Super P Force medicinal drugs. So contraindication, in this example, may be taken into consideration direct.

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