Know About Top 5 Ayurvedic Clinic Franchise Companies in India

April 15, 2022

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 Ayurvedic clinic franchise companies in India that offer opportunities to start with your own clinical franchise business because of their huge success and demand.

An Ayurvedic Clinic Franchise is one that offers business rights to its Franchise to perform Ayurvedic Clinical practices and processes under their brand name, goodwill, recognition, and trust to make their contribution to the healthcare sector by healing people through Ayurveda. This business idea is witnessing rapid growth and demand due to the increasing popularity of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic medicine for their effectiveness and goodness.

Why Opt for an Ayurvedic Clinic Franchise?

  • The small yet expanding size of the country’s healthcare is at 5% of the GDP, in comparison to the other countries.
  • A leading Global Consulting Firm reveals that a significant amount of the country’s income is spent on healthcare.
  • The healthcare industry in India is expected to cross Rs. 1000 billion in the next 3 years.

How to Select the Best Ayurvedic Clinic Franchise Company in India? 

Selecting the best Ayurveda Company is extremely important to determine the success of your business. A few factors that can help you in selecting your partnering brand to franchise with are:

  • Considering the brand reputation.
  • Always opting for an option that has proven its capability through its products and consultancy.
  • The success rate in treating diseases and health conditions.
  • Trust factor.

Top 5 Companies to Partner with for an Ayurvedic Clinic Franchise 

Let us take a look at the top 5 Ayurvedic Companies that offer Ayurvedic Clinic Franchises, to help you choose the best:

Cauvery Ayurveda Gramam1. Cauvery Ayurveda Gramam 

Cauvery Ayurveda Gramam offers genuine traditional Kerala Ayurvedic Therapies. They offer franchise options under a very low budget and are absolutely cost-effective. They believe that opening up a franchise with an established brand offers you greater possibilities in comparison to starting one’s business from scratch. They believe that their brand strength will allow you to establish goodwill, contacts, and patients much more easily.

Aveda Ayur2. Aveda Ayur (Life Aveda)

Aveda Ayur stands as the number one choice to start your own Ayurvedic Clinic Franchise by partnering with this herbal and wellness company, that manufactures Ayurvedic formulations, products, and supplements under their own brand called Life Aveda. Aveda Ayur’s Ayurvedic Clinic Franchise option is one of the safest ones to choose from the given as the company has experienced great success in its life span of 2 years by providing online consultancy, diet, and lifestyle modifications, therapies, and a wide range of authentic herbal products. Aveda Ayur can be your best pick to partner with to start your Ayurvedic Clinic Franchise as:-

  • The products manufactured by Aveda Ayur are supreme in quality and absolutely herbal and authentic.
  • Free training facility for the Ayurvedic medical team regarding the processes and daily clinical practices.
  • Online marketing support by Aveda Ayur on the official website without any additional costs.
  • Training regarding treatment protocols.
  • Aid in business growth by helping to participate in Ayurveda and Medical Trade Fares.
  • Help and support regarding marketing guidelines.
  • Provides exposure and expertise to grow in the Ayurveda Healthcare sector.
  • They also provide better ROI.

Patanjali3. Patanjali 

This leading Ayurvedic herbal brand requires no introduction and has become a household brand in India within a few years of its establishment. The brand offers franchise options for its megastore and spread the goodness of Ayurveda across the country.

All megastore franchises of Patanjali appoint a Vaidya, who provides Ayurvedic consultancy and guidance to patients and customers. The store operator is responsible to provide medical equipment, and basic facilities including sitting, drinking, toilet, etc.

The Vaidya will provide guidance and treatment regarding different ailments and disorders by prescribing different Ayurvedic therapies, treatment procedures, Ayurvedic formulations and medicines, and Panchakarma therapies.

Jiva Ayurveda4. Jiva Ayurveda 

Jiva Ayurveda is a global Ayurvedic organization that offers an Ayurvedic Clinic Franchise option. They provide personal consultation with doctors who provide diet and lifestyle advice and wellness products. They provide:

  • Panchkarma therapies at the clinic.
  • Marketing and media support
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Training and guidance

Dabur India Limited5. Dabur India Limited 

Dabur is one of the most trusted, renowned, and old brand names in the Ayurvedic Sector of India. Dabur Franchise options are quite popular in the industry for their low investment and cost-effective requirements and greater ROIs. The application process for the Dabur franchise is simple and requires one to fill out an online form along with the submission of a few legal documents.

This Ayurvedic leading brand also provides online consultation services with more than 26000 online experts by filling in a short online form which generally is attended to within 24 hours and responded to by a callback.

The average rate of daily consultation is more than 650 patients, with more than a total of 55k consultations provided with 10 minutes of an Average Call back time.


We hope this article was able to help you get introduced to the top 5 Ayurvedic Clinic Franchise Companies in India to start your own Ayurvedic Business. If you wish to seek any additional guidance or support on the same subject or want to partner with Aveda Ayur for your business setup, you can visit our Ayurvedic clinic franchise opportunity section and fill out the Get a Call-Back form. Our team will call back to you shortly.

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