The Cost of Getting Degree from UK University

October 26, 2017

The tuition fees in the UK’s education institutions have been under the criticism by students, parents, and media after the increase in the tuition fee up to £9,250 for UK/EU students. There is also increase in the tuition fee for international students from £10,000 to £35,000. If it is medical degree, it reaches even higher. On top of that, the living cost in UK is £12,000 whereas total cost of getting degree in UK is £22,000 per year. If you are studying in London the capital city the cost becomes even double. Here, in this blog, we are going to address the issue by covering the UK tuition fees for UK students and international students with some statistical and factual data. We are all aware that UK’s publicly funded universities are of two levels: home student and international student fees.

UK Tuition Fees for UK or EU Students

For UK or EU students, universities charge around £9,250 per year. This fee varies in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.  In Scotland, undergraduate degree is free for Scottish and EU students. The credit goes to SAAS (Student Awards Agency for Scotland), which also issues student loan to Scottish students. Besides the university fee, many students who are occupied with the part time or over time need to get a paid dissertation help online, which varies from £500 till £1000.

UK Tuition Fees for International Students

For international students, tuition fee is £10,000 for lecture base courses. It further increases to £35,000 if it is medical course. This fee structure varies for undergraduate to post graduate. The fee for post graduate for international students reaches up to £32,000. The fee structure varies from course to course such as fee for medical studies differ from the fees for humanities. Besides, the universities fees, these students have hire assignment writing service for the help and guide for coping up with the academic writing task.

Living Cost in UK

The annual cost of living in England other than London is £12,056. This indicates that per month cost of these students is £150, spent on groceries and foods stuff.  Besides, there is rental cost, which can be £15,180 per year. Moreover, there can be a remarkable difference in the rent in London and outside London.

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